Colca Canyon trekking

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  whitewater rafting on the cotahuasi river, peru - the world's deepest canyon-cotahuasi peru.


these is one of the most extraordinary expeditions in the region of arequipa and in peru, imagine the challenge of rafting in the deepest canyon of the world, along more than 120 km of the river, defying rapids of iv - v grades of difficulty for 6 days.

during the first two days we will explore this canyon by foot to arrive in the village of velinga and from velinga we will raft until we arrive at the pacific ocean. we will begin our rafting from the andes mountain range until we arrive at the peruvian coast. during this expedition we will be able to visit remains

we will explore the entrails of the planet and places hardly ever visited as well as archaeological incas forgotten over time.

enjoy the trip! and all that lives in nature!

day 1:

after breakfast we will head towards cotahuasi in our private car. on this route we can take some incredible photos of the snow-capped coropuna mountain, and there will be a possibility to see llamas and alpacas. in the evening we will stay in a hotel in catohuasi village.


on this day we will go in our transport to the sipia bridge, it is here where we will find the mules to transport our equipment. then we will walk through the cotahuasi canyon passing the chaupo oasis; up to arrive at the village of velinga where they prepare excellent local wine. in the evening we will stay in the village of velinga.


after breakfast we will walk towards the catahuasi river, after lunch, on the shore of the river we will prepare our equipment for our expedition for the following days. we will check the state of the equipment and also we familiarize ourselves with the river trying to swim a little. here we will talk about safety and advice.

day 4 -7:

whitewater rafting on the cotahuasi river in peru, these days we will explore the cotahuasi river along 120 km with rapids of class iv – v. these rapids will be the give you the most adrenaline and be the most exciting part of the trip. also during the trip you will be able to visit some pre-incan ruins. also we will be able to do some walks next to the canyon and to visit some typical villages.

day 8:

on this day we will take the vehicles in the village of iquipi. from here we will be able to continue towards the city of arequipa, nazca or lima depending on your program.





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