Colca Canyon trekking

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  Colca Tour Mixed

duration:3 day -2 nights


Arequipa desert + the prolongation of the volcanoes valley + trek into the colca canyon + visit of the colca valley and condor cross + the national park of salinas and aguada blanca with Lamas , alpacas and vicuñas.

This Colca canyon tour and trek is the most attractive for visitors and tourists. We go by private transport from Arequipa to the petroglyphs of Toro Muerto (170 km) crossing the dunes of the Atacama desert (one of the most beautiful deserts in the world). we will visit Toro Muerto petroglyphs (500 m.h.s.l) on this place will see a variety of more than 5000 volcanic stones(gravures) belonging to pre–Incan times. Here we will trek from 45 minutes to 1 hour trek.

After lunch We travel 240 km more to Cabanaconde village (colca canyon) passes through the Valley of Volcanoes, providing us a view of two dwarf volcanoes this is the prolongation of volcanoes Valley (Andagua).

On this day we cross an altitude of 4200 m.h.s.l. Is very important inform you that in the normal way, from Arequipa -Chivay village -Colca Valley (clasical route offer by the classic travel agencies), they cross on the first day 4912 m.h.s.l. with the colca tour mixed of Pablo tour we cross on the first day only 4200 m.h.s.l. That is better.

Also remember that on this trip on the first day ,we start from Arequipa 2300 m.h.s.l. then we descent at 500 m.h.s.l. ( Arequipa desert and majes valley ) then with the private transport we go to 4200 m. then we descent to Cabanaconde village 3300 m.h.s.l. with this option tour we cross diferents altitudes with diferents panoramas and views.

On the second day of the program we explore the Colca canyon , we trek into the colca canyon (to the bottom of the canyon),we will meet Quechua people ,we will sleep in an Oasis with palm and swimming pool. (Basic rooms).

On the third day, early in the morming we will trek from Oasis to Cabanaconde ,then with our private transport we will explore the colca Valley and the national park of salinas and aguada blanca with lamas, alpacas and vicuñas.

we think our tour is the perfect combination:

Arequipa desert + the prolongation of the volcanoes valley + trek into the colca canyon + visit of the colca valley and condor cross + the national park of salinas and aguada blanca with Lamas , alpacas and vicuñas.

Please see the map of our colca mixed tour

First Day: the desert + the mountains + colca canyon

We leave from Arequipa at 5:00 am, we pick you up from your hotel in Arequipa city, then we take The Pan american highway , we pass for el pedregal then we visit the petrogliphs of Toro Muerto 500 m.h.s.l. Lunch in Punta Colorada.

Then we back to el pedregal and then we continue to Cabanaconde.

On the way from Pedregal to Cabanaconde we will cross an altitud of 4200 m. and also we will see the prolongation of the volcanoes valley (two dwarf volcanoes ).

if you like you can trek to top of one of this small volcan ( 1-2 hours)

On the way we can take pictures of the differents views , before arrive to Cabanaconde we will have great view of Ampato mountain.

we will arrive to Cabanaconde village 3300 m.h.s.l. at 5:30 -6:00 pm.

Here we will sleep in a hotel with clean rooms and private bathroom.

From Arequipa to the petroglifos of toromuerto: 170 km.

from petroflifos of toromuerto to Cabanaconde: 240 km.

Total : 410.00 km.

Inside the 410 km there are 170 km not asphalted route (bumby and dusty)

Second Day: trek into the colca canyon

7:am We begin the Colca trek, we trek into the colca cayon , descending 1357 meters in 4 hours, 9 Km of trek path. We lunch in “Casa de Rivelino,” situated in the town of San Juan de Chuccho. We then pass coshñirhua village 2700, Malata village 2700 m. and then we trek down to the Oasis (2100 m), arriving in 2 hour and 10 km of path. Enjoy the thermal springs and we sleep in very basic bambu huts, inside these huts there are beds. we will spend the night in “Oasis paradise or “Oasis lodge” . Dinner

On this day we trek 4 hours down , and 2 hours (up-flat and down)

The temperature into the canyon (during the trek) in grados centigrados:

In the day : 30

in the night: 12

Important. - On this night you will sleep in bamboo cabins, in Oasis (Sangalle) there are 4 places where we can sleep, the 4 places are really very basic. But all the 4 places (pseudo lodges) informed us that have the best service but we have checked it and for us the 4 places have the same services.
And there are not differences.
In each room there are: Beds and blankets. you will share the room only with the person that you know , you can choose between matrimonial room, double room , triple room and quadruple.
Each hostel has their own swimming pool.
Inside the rooms there are not electricity only on the front desk you can charge batteries.
Remember the Oasis is located inside the Colca canyon , on the bottom of the canyon, some customers think that the rooms are dusty. Remember you are on the nature ¡ For this night we recommend you carry a trek liner, on the bamboo huts you will have blankets but if you like to have only your personal scent on the bed please carry your own trek liner.
We can offer private rooms but you need to share the toilets and showers
All the swimming pools and hostel take the water from the only one spring that exist in the Oasis , the temperature of the water is 23 grados centigrados they use the same water for the showers, there are not hot water for the shower.

Third Day: Trek to Cabanaconde and we explore the colca valley

We begin our walk very early up to Cabanaconde, 8 Km. 3-4 hours (1400 meters up). Upon arriving in Cabanaconde we have breakfast and then we continue by car to the Cruz Del Condor to see the condors in flight. After that we’ll visit the Colca Valley, where we’ll have a commanding view to the towns of Pinchollo, Maca, Yanque and Chivay. Other viewpoints, such as Antahuilque and Mollepunku, provide views to pre-Incan terraces and above-ground graves that belong to the Collagua period. Lunch in Chivay (optional hot springs, “La Calera”), and then back to Arequipa (4912m), stopping at the viewpoint of Los Andes along the way. Before arriving in Arequipa, we pass by the national reserve of Aguada Blanca y Salinas, where we’ll observe llamas, alpacas and vicuńas. Passing around the backs of volcanoes Misti and Chachani, we arrive in Arequipa between 5 and 6 pm of the third day.

On this day we trek : 3-4 hours up to Cabanaconde village.

And we ride with our private transport 220 km. to Arequipa city.


Colca canyon trek difficulty / how difficult is the Colca canyon trek

If you compare the Colca canyon trekking Vs Inca trail trek
First, during the Colca canyon trek you cross maximum 3300mhsl and in the inca trail trek 4200mhsl.
We thought the Inca trail trek is harder than the Colca canyon trek
Colca canyon trek Vs Salkantay trek
We thought Salkantay trek is harder than the Colca canyon trekking, the Colca canyon trek cross an altitude of 3300 and salkantay trek 4650mhsl.
And remember the altitude of Cuzco city is 3300 mhsl Yessssss the same altitude of the maximum altitude of Colca canyon trekking.
Puno city and Titicaca Lake: 3800mhsl
And the maximum altitude for Colca canyon trekking is 3300mhsl and the bottom of the canyon is at 2100mhsl.
-The Colca canyon trekking is not technical is only very  physical
-The temperatures on the canyon are from 12 to 30 grados centigrados
-Rain season is from December to April but most days in the morning are blue sky and from May to November every days is blue sky.
-If you are tired on the last day of the trek you can hire mules or horse to trek up hill to    Cabanaconde
-Yes, some of our customers found  the Colca canyon trek harder but other not
-Remember the start point trek for Colca canyon (inside the Canyon) is from Cabanaconde) and you need to travel by transport from Arequipa to Cabanaconde.
From Arequipa to Cabanaconde you need to travel 6 hours and you cross an altitude of 4850mhsl but is only by transport.

Example of difficulty for us: From number 1 to 5

Difficulty 1.- When you are on the beach and you walk on the coast with ice cream a  one the hand.
Difficulty 2. - When you trek only 3 hours per day from   0 m. to 2500 m.
Difficulty 3.-When you trek till 3700mhsl and 4-6 hours per day ,
Not technical experience needed, very physical and at the end of the trek most of our customers are very tired.
Difficulty 4.-Technical experience is required, you will use rope and crampons, hiking over 5000mhsl, but sometimes at this altitude in the Andes you don`t need to use crampons or rope, just a really very good physical shape.
This trek is for people that like to improve every year the maximum altitudes in treks
Difficulty  5. - For crazy people and professional hikers
We thought the Colca canyon trek has a difficulty of 3

Accommodations inside the canyon is adequate but the cabins are about 6- 5 m² and May have no windows and toilet is about 50 to 100 m. from Cabins.

Colca mixed tour included
  • Transport (private car)
  • All transfers
  • Oxygen equipment
  • First-aide kit
  • Entrance fee to national reserve and Aguada Blanca y Salinas
  • Entrance fee to the petrogliphs of toromuerto.
  • Trekking into the Colca canyon
  • Trekking official guide
  • All meals ( from the first lunch of day 1 to the last lunch on the day 3)
  • Accommodation in Cabanaconde village (Private bathroom)
  • Accommodation one night in Oasis ( in very basic bambus huts)
  • Ticket for la Calera (hot spring) in chivay village in the day 3
Not included
  • Water and drinks during the trek and in the restaurants and hotels
  • Snacks
  • Tips

Prices per person in American dollars

Departure: Any day 

Observation.-In the last day if you do not want to return to the city of Arequipa, we can customize this tour and we can go in the same car to the city of Puno for a few dollars more.
ECOLOGICAL  BAGS FOR THE  RUBBISH.-   Pablo tour is an ECO RESPONSIBLE COMPANY , Pablo tour`s team  take care the nature and during our tours, treks and expeditions our guides carry a bag for the plastic  bottles . Please if you buy plastic bottle of water   during the trek put the empty plastic bottle inside our ecological bags, the guide will transport it to our office in Arequipa city. Our guides will provide you this ecological Rubbish Bag.
Important: the rain season in Arequipa region is from December to March But during these months is possible to trek, the only month that sometimes we have many rain is on February .
On the rain season except February in the morning is blue sky, please during the rain season we recommend carry your rain jacket

  • Swimming Customs.
  • Torch / Flashlight.
  • Sun Block.
  • Insects Repellent (Specially if you have sweet blood for them).
  • Towels.
  • Basics.
  • Snacks.
  • Water (you can buy in all the villages).
  • Cap or hat.
  • Personal medications.
  • Hiking stick(s).We can borrow you ECO sticks (bambu sticks)
  • Enthusiasm.
* There’s no risk of Malaria at all.

The passenger is under the obligation to mention of any health problem or past injury to assure and guarantee the safety of the trip.

  • We must be said weather the person is vegetarian to make the arrangements for his/her food.

  • In case of any struggle, please contact us the our phone numbers:

    LAND LINE: (51) (54) 203737
    MOBILE: (51) 941 4140 48
    Available 24/7.
The stuff is competent and is being trained eventually, every now and then.(OFFICIEL GUIDES).




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