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Dear Customer:

Since 14-03-2022 The reservation and confirmation of any trip will be made with a previous deposit of 20% of the total cost of the tour.


Because land cost is quoted as a package, no refunds will be given for unused services at the reserved date.

The advance money we receive to book the tour we use that money to pay our suppliers in advance and thus guarantee the tour 100%.
If for any reason beyond our control or beyond your control you cancel the tour, such as weather problems, strikes, earthquakes, road problems, problems with airlines, wars,covid reasons and other situations not mentioned that are external causes outside of our control we will not be able to refund your money.

What we can do is:

-Reschedule the same tour, of course depending on availability.
-We send you the invoice of the payment you made to us and also an official letter from the agency for your travel insurance so that you can recover the money paid through your insurance.
We will not be responsible if you do not have any type of insurance.

Law suit

In the case of law suit, Pablo tour as a Peruvian company, will subject to the law, based on Peruvian tribunal and contracts.


It is mandatory to get a health,repatriation and trip cancellations insurance ( from your country), in the uttermost case you do not desire to get any travel insurance, You will have to manifest it, send an email to release us of any responsibility. We recommend you to take an insurance in your country and and check before traveling if your insurance covers the cancellation of tours.


Pablo tour does not take risks, not does take any for the sole responsibility of each participant, regarding the presentation of the documents that each government authority may ask.

We can only advice you regarding the formalities and all the documentation that should be shown to the police, customs and health department throughout all your travel.

Administrative documents

Pablo tour, does not take any responsibility in the case one participant shows or gets his complete documentation late. All the expenses will be assumed by the participant. Every travel that is interrupted because of the delay of one participant or any other reason will not have the right to receive a refund.


Each participant is aware that due to the nature of the travels we organize, there is some risk involved due to the absence of health centers, the maintenance of the roads, adventure tours,geography, simple tours, etc. Each participant must assume this knowledge having been explained the causes and must acknowledge that the company will not be hold responsible for any possible accident neither have the right to make a complain against neither to Pablo tour, or the guides, or any of our providers. We recomend buy a travel insurance from your country.

In order to ensure the safety of the group and, if the situation arises like: “weather issues, unforeseen or political events, Pablo tour reserves the right itself or through its intermediaries to modify the means of transport, itinerary, departure and arrival dates, without any type of refund to the participants.

Each participant must abide by the rules of caution and follow the advice given by the guide or local providers. Pablo tour does not take responsability for accidents that may result from an unconscious responsibility of a member of the group.

Pablo tour reserves the right to finish the contract made with the participant and to expulse him should his or her behavior may be considered dangerous or immoral to the rest of the group. There will be no refund.


Each participant will be responsible for his or her own luggage throughout the whole travel. In the case it’s lost, or delayed by the airline company, such expenses will be afforded directly by the passenger.


If your travel is modified because of air traffic congestion, the weather, etc, Pablo tour will not be hold responsible. The resulting expenses and extra charges will be afforded by the passengers.


The category of hotels in Peru are defined by the local authorities and laws in Peru, according to their own policies and therefore can not be compared to those of European precedence.

Reservation and Prices

Telephone reservations are not accepted. Trip prices are subject to change due to the fluctuation of tariffs and currency exchange rates.

Force Majeure

In the case of events beyond our control, which may disturb the normal situation of the country (social and political problems,earthquake,strikes), Pablo tour reserves itself the right to modify or cancel the content of the travel.In this case the client will not be able to request any type of compensation.




Extreme Caution Payments Sale Rules

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