Colca Canyon trekking

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  Mismi mountain - Mismi volcano-Climbing nevado mismi-Born of the amazon river source Tour Expedition 2 days / 1 night
Full day

Mismi origin of the amazon river tour expedition (Nevado mismi)

The origin of the Amazon was studied by the explorers in the first expeditions that came to Peru, such as Commander Jaques Yves Cousteau, for National Geographic, and by investigative journalists worldwide.

The Amazon river is 6785 km and crosses three South America countries: Peru, Colombia and it ends in the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. The Amazon in its widest part crosses a distance of 330km 

The Amazon River is one of the rivers with the largest content of water in the world with average content of 219000m ²/s of water; it is responsible for one fifth of all the water in the ocean. The origin of the Amazon River is found in the region of Arequipa 5182mhsl in the Colca Valley , near to the snow-capped Mismi Mountain. The snow-capped Mismi Mountain has an altitude of 5593 m.


This a wonderful tour in 4x4 is a combination between the National Park Of Salinas and aguas blanca where we can find lamas, alpacas, vicuñas and andean birds. Patapampa viewpoint at 4912 mhsl from there you can see the volcanoes and the Andes range.

Also we will visit the colca valley, the colca canyon and we visit twice the condor cross.

During the tour we avoid the crowd.

Depend on your physical shape we can trek 1-2 hours every day. (Walks are optional)

DAY 1: AREQUIPA – CHIVAY-ORIGIN,SOURCE,NASCENT BORN OF AMAZONAS RIVER basin -condor cross-Cabanaconde (Colca canyon)

We pick you up from your hotel 4 am, then we will head towards the Colca Valley , on the way you can stop any where and take pictures.

Then we cross by transport at an altitude of 4850 meters (view point of the volcanoes-Patapampa) where it is possible to appreciate the different volcanoes such as Misti volcano ,Chachani volcano ,Ubinas volcano ,Coropuna snow capped, ,Ampato volcano ,Hualcahualca volcano,Sabancaya volcano,the Mismi mountain-origin of Amazon river and others.

Also we can appreciate the mountain range of the central Andes.

This view point is really apreciate for lovers of mountains and volcanoes.

Also we can stop on the the day back to Arequipa (Second day)

Then after approximately 3-4 hours of travel and visits we will arrive to Colca Valley at the village of Chivay 3650 mhsl.

After breakfast in Chivay, we travel by 4x4 from 3650mhsl to the Origin-source-nascent-born of amazonas river basin that is located at 5170 mhsl.

This place named the origin was first visited by Michel and Jacques Coustau this was the first scientific expedition, later the second expedition was made by National Geographic, they confirmed that the most remote origin of the longest and deepest river in the world is found in the Andes in the south of Peru.

Important : Not all year you can arrive with 4x4 to the Origin 5170 mhsl
you can arrive by 4x4 only from 15 May to November sometimes till December.
The raison is from December to March – some times to April and near from the amazon nascent the rains are swamps and we have to wait until dry land. That's why sometimes in rain season the transport 4X4 cannot reach untill the origin of the river AMAZON.

In case the transport can`t continue untill the Origin ( from December to April) you need to trek 1 hour to the Origin.

Then we will comeback to Chivay for the lunch.

After lunch, we will discover the Colca valley without tourist because all the classic tours spend the night in Chivay , coporaque or Yanque, and they visit the valley in the morning all at the same time.

We will have the colca valley only for us we will visit all view points, pre-inca hunging tombs, ceremonial stones and you can stop any where on the way.

Yes welcome to Colca canyon the condor cross is the start of the geological formation of Colca Canyon.

Then trek from tapay viewponit to Cabanaconde 1 hour.

We will spend the night in a hotel in Cabanaconde village

Next to this area we will be able to find a group of llamas and alpacas.

day 2: Cabanaconde-condor cross-colca valley-arequipa

5 am, we start the trek to the best view point of the Colca canyon the name is Achachihua viewpoint. Then we comeback to Cabanaconde to take the breakfast

Duration of this trek: One hour

After breakfast ,we visit the condor cross for second time by transport. Then we trek from condor cross reaching the canyon during 1 hour. Along the way we can discover natural viewpoints for condors and the canyon. And we can apreciatte the Andes range.

By transport we visit the best colca valley`s view point like Antahuilque viewpoint,choquetico view point, Huayra Punku, hunging pre-Inca tombs, Ceremonial stones.

Then we enjoy the hot spring near to the colca river .

Lunch in Chivay. Then we come back to Arequipa by transport, If you like we stop on the national park to see Lamas, alpacas, vicuñas and famous viewpoint of the Andes (Patapampa view point) at 4850mhsl.

We will arrive in the City of Arequipa at approximately 6 pm.

Important: We love trek with our customers, but if our customers don´t like to trek , not problem we can customize the tour for you.

The question:

It`is possible to do this tour in one day?

Yes, it`is posible but you will miss the visit of colca valley, colca canyon and condor cross.

Sometimes some our customers don`t have many time
Yes we can make the origin source of Amazon river expedition from Arequipa in one day.
We pick you up from you hotel 3 am then we drive to Chivay ( 3 hours driving) directly . Here we take the breakfast, and then we continue to Tuti village  we arrive here after one hour driving.
Then with transport we driver 3 hours to the Origin of Amazon river.
We arrive to the origin 10 am Here we will stop and we will trek around the origin ( optional).
Then we come back to Chivay for the lunch , we arrive 2 pm.

Then we comeback to Arequipa 2 pm  and we arrive to Arequipa City 5 pm, on the way back we visit the national park of Salinas and aguada Blanca here we visit:
The viewpoint of Patapampa from there you can see 7 volcanoes and the andes range and also the Mismi mount.
We will stop on Tojra pampa from there you can see Andean birds , the we stop in Pampa Arriero to see Lamas , alpacas , vicugnas aswell.
We arrive to Arequipa 5 pm.

Not all the year you can arrive with 4x4 to the Origin.
The 1 day tour to Amazon River source is available only from 15 May to November sometimes till December.
The raison is from December to March – some times to April and near from the amazon nascent the rains are swamps and we have to wait until dry land. That's why the transport 4X4 cannot reach the origin of the river AMAZON in rainy season.

If you do this tour in rain season just we walk more 1 hours

In dry season you walk just 20 min. to Arrive to the source.

In this 2 days option you can add 2 hours trek every day (Optional)


  • Mountain guide English Speaking Guide
  • Private transport 4x4 transport
  • Meals from the first lunch (first day) to the last lunch (last day)
  • Entrace fee for the national park
  • Oxygen bottle (in the 4x4)
  • First aid kit
  • Communication system ( Satelital phone )
  • meeting with the guide the previus day of the tour


- Snacks and tips for the guide and driver





If already you are acclimatized we can do the ascent in 2 days and follow the program and you can. And if not, it does not matter, we can add one more day to the same program. If you do not have a lot of experience we recommend to you to do an ascent in private service and the guide will be able to take you up to the summit slowly to the suit your rhythm.

Day 1.- 6 am Driving from Arequipa to Chivay

On the way we will visit the National park of agauda blanca and salinas to see lamas, alpacas , vicuñas, birds.

We cross an altitude of 4850 mhsl , the we make small trek for aclimatation

Then we descent by transport to Chivay village (Colca valley) 3600mhsl.

Here we take the lunch

Then we drive to Tuti village located at 3800 mhsl.

Finally we arrive with the transport to the base camp of Mismi mountain 5200 mhsl

We camp there

Day 2.- We trek to the summit to 5597 mhsl in 3 hours. Then we descent by trek during 1 hour to the source of the Amazon river 5182 mhsl.(Origin of the Amazone river).

Then we take the transport to Chivay village.

We visit the hot spring then we take the lunch in Chivay village. After lunch we continue to Arequipa city.

We arrive to Arequipa 5pm

To safe a day, after lunch you can take the connection from Chivay 13:15 to Puno city 19:30hrs. Price of the connection US$50.00 American dollars.




7:00 am Driving from Arequipa to Chivay then trek to Canocota canyon

After 2 hours driving we will stop at Patawasi to take a coffee, coca tea. Also for the toillette.

On the way, we will visit the national park of salinas , we will make differents stops to see lamas,alpaca,vicuña and birds.

We will stop to several times to apreciatte the flora and fauna.

We arrive to Chivay 11:30-12:00 pm . Here we take the lunch.

Then we trek from Chinay village 3600 mhsl to 3815 mhsl to Canocota village , here we will trek on the canocota canyon. 11 km of path in 3 hours.

At the end of the trek the transport picks us up , we will continue to Tuti or Sibayo village and we spend the night there in a home stay.

We take the dinner in the home stay.



After breakfast , 6:00 am with the transport we go in direction to Mismi Mountain. With the transport we arrive untill 5250mhsl. then we trek to summit of Mismi mountain 5597. (3 hours trek to the summit)

The we descent in direction to The Amazon river source (The origin of Amazon river) 5182 mhsl

1-2 hours trek

Here you will find the commemorative plaques of different expeditions and different nationalities that confirm the origin of the Amazon River.
Obviously we have time to take photos of the source of the Amazon River and the commemorative plaques.
Here we remember and enjoy that we are in one of the most important places on the planet because from this source begins the river that contributes more fresh water to the ocean in the whole world.

Then after this wonderful experience we take the transport and drive to Chivay.

Here we take the lunch.

After lunch, we visit chivay main square and we continued with the transport to the hot spring, 38 grados celsius.

This hot spring is located very near to the Colca river with wonderful views.

At this time there are not so much tourists

Then, we drive to Cabanaconde village , on the way we visit the colca valley, the colca canyon and the condor cross.

On the way you can stop anywhere to take pictures.

Sure our guide will suggest you the best viewpoints

We spend the night in Cabanaconde village in a hotel with private bathroom,hot water

We have  dinner in the hotel.


Before breakfast we start a trek 5:30 am and after 30 min. trek we artrive to the best viewpoint for the colca canyon : Achachihua viewpoint. From here you can see in the other side of the canyon the Huaruro waterfall , one Oasis into the canyon, the andes range. Then 30 minutes trek to Cabanaconde

Breakfast, with the transport we go to condor cross we visit for second time and to avoid the crowd we trek reaching the canyon during 1 hours and we enjoy natural view points for the canyon and condors

We drive to Chivay

Lunch in Chivay and we comeback to Arequipa city.

We arrive to Arequipa 4-5 pm

On the way back we visit the national park Salinas and aguada Blanca like the Patapampa view point to appreciate the andes range and the volcanoes.


Remember that to be able to do an ascent at altitude a sufficient acclimatization is needed. In all of our programs of ascent up the volcanoes and snow-capped mountains in Arequipa, we assume that, our clients have given themselves sufficient time to acclimatize before the trek. Nevertheless if you are not acclimated to the altitude, you must consult with us about the ascents for every snow-capped mountain or volcano trek.

Our goal is not only to sell climbing tours or trekking tours, our goal is that our clients arrive at the summit of the volcanoes and snow capped peaks on the climbing tours. In order to do this it is necessary at the time of the consultation for the climbing tour, that you tell us if you are acclimatized to the altitude.

The programs on our website about ascent are only programs, as these can be adapted to the physical shape.experience and acclimatization of each of our clients.

Our guides are trained and qualified in the High Mountain School in the region of Huaraz.


  • Mountain guide english Speaking Guide
  • Private transport 4x4 transport
  • Professional driver
  • First night home stay, second night hotel
  • Climbing gear: Crampons, ice axe and rope (only if we climb to the top,only if the guide recommends it, because in most of the year it is not used, this is included in the price)
  • Meals from the first lunch (first day) to the last lunch (last day)
  • Oxygen bottle (in the 4x4)
  • First aid kit
  • Communication system ( Satelital phone )
  • Meeting with the guide the previus day of the tour
Not included


Private Service: Designed for those who only want to stay with the people you know. For example you and your partner, only two people will be on the tour.

This service is more personalized, the guide will adapt himself to your rhythm, the guide will teach you (if you like) the small tricks of the mountain, for example, different skills of world basic ascents.

Example : if you are just 2 of you , you will be in the mountain : 2 customers + private guide + private transport and private driver.

We never pool our customers with other travel companies.

This tour, trek and climbing leave just on private service.

what to bring?
  • Water, you can buy in Colca Valley
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Sleeping bag is optional because you sleep in a home stay and hotel.
    In the home stay there are mattresses and blankets. if you are chilly bring warm pajamas
  • Rain jacket or poncho (December - April)
  • Strong comfortable and waterproof boots
  • One complete change of clothing
  • Small backpack to carry your water, snacks and others during the trek
  • Sweater and thermal pants and every thing you can have to be warm
  • Flashlight
  • Hat or cap
  • Sun block
  • Toilet paper (In the mountain)
  • Snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, etc
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • Towels after the hot springs
  • Enthusiasm (Very important)
importan information
  • The Rainy Season
    The rainy season in the region of Arequipa and in the Andes from between december until March, nevertheless in the rainy season there are somme sunny days and it is possible to climb.
  • When climbing is advisable?
    It is the dry season in the Andes and in Arequipa, between the first days of April until november; however in the rainy season there are some days that it is possible to climb.
  •  The Meal which are included:
    If you are vegetarian or you have an allergy please notify us in advance in order to make the respective arrangements.
  • IMPORTANT: When you reserve this tour, the passenger must have travel insurance. It is an obligation to the passenger to notify us of any health problems, mental or physical at this time.
  • Before the tour:
    One day before the ascent we will have a meeting in order for you to meet your mountain guide and to go through the pre – trip information; this meeting can be in your hotel or in our tour agency.



mountain-mount-volcano Height length difficulty Range

Misti volcano

5825 m

 2  - days

II Easy +


6075 m

1 - 2 days

III Medium


6318 m

2-3-5 days

III Medium +


6323 m

3 - 4 days

IV Difficult

Hualca Hualca

6023 m

2 - days

III Medium +

Volcan Sabancaya

5976 m

2 - days

III Medium +


6425 m

3 - 4 days

III Moderate +

Volcan Ubinas

5672 m

1 - 2 days

II Easy +

Pichu pichu

5664 m

1 - 2 days

II Easy +

Mismi Mountain

5597 m

1 - 2 days

I Easy

Quehuisha (Source of the amazon river)

5375 m

2 - days

II Easy




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