Colca Canyon trekking

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Colca canyon trek 2 day

two day one night


COLCA CANYON 2 DAY TREK ON THE OPPOSITE DIRECTIOn avoiding the tourist crowd ,yess with this option with pablo tour you will enjoy more the nature and the colca canyon.

TEMPERATURE AND WEATHER: Between May and November the mornings and afternoons are sunny, the temperature during the day is 30-35 degrees Celsius and 12 degrees Celsius at night. Between December and April it rains during the afternoon and in the mornings partly sunny, during the day 18-28 degrees Celsius at night 12 degrees Celsius.
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: It is not a technical trek but it is physically difficult
DURATION: 2 days

We have 2 options: By Tourist bus service and by Private car service

DAY 1. If you take the tourist bus on shared service we pick you up from your hotel in Arequipa from 3:00 am to 04:00  then we travel to Colca Canyon - Cabanaconde village.
By tourist bus on shared service you need to wait one hour the transport from 03:00 am to 04:00 am because we need pick up 20 different passengers passengers from different hotels. But if you don´t like to share the transport with other tourists and wait during one hour, we will propose you a

Private transport service with only 4 people  And we can leave at 4:00 am.  like that is more comfortable, you can visit the colca valley and make many stops along the way and you will not wait the transport during 1 hour. We pick you from your hotel 4 am.

About 6 hours driving from Arequipa to Cabanaconde. On the way we have a stop for breakfast in Chivay Village, then we continue to Condor cross-Cruz del Condor (this is the best place to see the Condors) Here we make another stop to appreciate the condor´s flight.
Then with the same transport we continue to Cabanaconde, here we start the trek to the bottom of colca canyon.

All the travel agencies in Arequipa-Peru, make the trek on the same direction:

Cabanaconde - San Juan de Chuccho – Coshñirhua - Malata – Oasis
These villages are visited for the 2-3 days colca canyon trek with the classic travel agencies at the same time.

The 2-3 days Colca canyon treks offered by the classic travel agencies in Peru-Arequipa take the same path. ( same direction at the same time).

Example if for 2 days Colca canyon trek there are 200 tourists and for 3 days trek there are 300 people. 500 people will start the trek at the same time. Because the 2-3 days trek start the trek at the same point: from “San Miguel viewpoint” in Cabanaconde.


The 2 day Colca trek on the opposite direction with Pablo tour:
Cabanaconde-Oasis-Malata-Coshñirhua-San juan de Chuccho -Cabanaconde

Colca canyon trek 2 days on the opposite direction with Pablo tour Itinerary:

We start the Colca canyon 2 day trek from Cejana Pata viewpoint and not from San Miguel viewpoint.
Once we arrive to Cabanaconde 3300mhsl we trek to bottom of the canyon to the Oasis(San Galle) 2100mhsl, we start the trek 10:00 am, we trek to the bottom of the Canyon to the Oasis of Sangalle.

Here there are palms, swimming pool with temperature of 35 grados centigrados.
The temperature of the canyon in the night is from 12 to 35 grados centigrados.
We lunch in Oasis.

After lunch and swimming we trek to San Juan de Chuccho on the way we cross Malata village, Coshñirhua village, then we arrive to the home stay in San Juan de Chuccho.

This day we trek: 3 hours down. From Cabanaconde 3300mhsl to the Oasis 2200mhsl
And one hour up hill to Malata 2600mhsl then 2 more hours down to San Juan de Chuccho 2200mhsl.

We spend the night i in San Juan de Chuccho village in a local basic accomodation owned by local people.

DAY 2.- We leave from San Juan de Chuccho  2200mhsl to Cabanaconde  3300mhsl
Yes, this is the harder part of the trek, walk up hill 1200m in 10 km of path. In 4 hours we leave very early, 4 am and we arrive to Cabanaconde after 4 hours trek.

We will have breakfast in Cabanaconde. From there we will go to Chivay.

( if you take the tourist bus service):

The tourist bus service stop 2 times in Colca valley to take pictures for sightseeing terraces, and 3 more stops on the national reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca: Llamas, vicuñas, alpacas and in the Patamapa viewpoint at 4850mhsl. From there we can see the andes range and volcanoes. Also you enjoy the hot spring in Yanque.

If you take the private car service you stop anywhere on the colca valley with a great view of pre-Inca terraces,hotspring, some archeological places and colonial towns amongst others views. 

We arrive to the hot spring with water temperatures of 38°C.

In Chivay we will enjoy a buffet lunch. 
In the afternoon we will have transportation back to Arequipa. On the way,  we ascent from Chivay village 3700 m. to 4.830 mhsl. Then down to 2.325 mhsl. and pass through the national reserve and Pampa Cañahuas, habit of the four species of South American camelids (llama, alpaca, vicuña and guanaco). 


Negative aspects of Colca canyon 2 days trek on the normal direction with other travel agencies.

-Many people at the start of the trek
-Many People during the trek
-Many people in the nature, in the canyon that is not so funny
-All people arrive to the Oasis at the same time to swimming
-Arrive to late to the Oasis 4-5 pm and the sunset in the canyon all year is from 5 to 5:30       pm
-many people in the Oasis

We are Pablo tour and we never follow the big groups and classic travel agencies

To avoid the crowd we make the 2 day Colca canyon trek in the opposite direction.

Advantages of 2 day Colca trekking on the opposite direction with Pablo tour:

-Only customers from Pablo tour on the start of the trek ( cejana Pata)
-you will not follow the typical tourist and like this we will more enjoy the canyon , for pictures and nature.
-We arrive to the Oasis 13:00 and we enjoy the swimming pool without the crowd
-We spend the night in a typical village : San Juan de Chuccho.
-In San Juan de Chuccho we work with a local familly , there are not so much tourists.

 Included Colca canyon 2 day trek : 

• Round trip tourist transportation (shared , 20 tourist with some guides)  Or private transport maximun 4 people
• Meals (2B,2L,1D) 
• English speaking trekking guide 
• One night in the rustic huts 
•Entrance fee for the national park and condor cross

•Ticket   for the hot spring in Chivay

Not included colca canyon 2 day trek
• Tips for the guide, your water during the trek, not problem you can buy in bottle each 3 hours inside the canyon every day. 
What to bring
• Light backpack 
• 1 ½ litres of water (in all the villages we pass through there are small shops where it's possible to buy water and other drinks) 
• Suncream 
• Hat 
• Sunglasses 
• Trekking shoes or boots 
• Warm sweater or jacket 
• Shorts or pants for walking 
• Swimming suit 
• Sandals 
• Towel 
• Torch / flashlight 
• Camera and enough batteries 
• Repellent 
•Toilet paper 
• sticks

*Enthusiasm ¡

Type of service:

ð  By tourist bus on Shared service: 20 people in the transport 12 people in the trek with our professional guide: You need to wait one hour. From 3:00 to 4:00 am on the first day.  On the First day we make only two stops , the first stop is in Chivay for the breakfast during 30-40 min. And the second stop is in Condor cross to see the condor´s flight during 30-40 min.

Or with maximun 6 people on the trek , It costs a little more but it's worth it.

On the last day: 4 stops : 2 stops on the best viewpoint for the colca valley during 10 min. The second stop in Yanque for the hot spring during 40min, in total . Another Stop for lunch in Chivay 40 min. and in Patapampa viewpoint 5 min.
ð By private car service: only 4 customers in the transport and only 4 customers in the trek with our professional guide: You can stop anywhere you make more visits on the valley in all the view points, and we visit the national park of Salinas and aguada Blanca with the guide making several stops. You don´t need to wait one hour on the first day from 3:am to 4 :00 am .With this service we pick up the passengers at 4 am from their hotels. You don´t wait one hour for the pickup.
Note 1) you don´t need sleeping bag but you need warm clothes for the bed; local people provide you 2 banquets per person. 
Note 2) you don´t need mattress or tent because we sleep in basic bamboo huts with bamboo beds with mattress.

If you like to continue on the day 2 from Colca (Chivay) to Puno city instead continue to Arequipa city, you have this option: 
By tourist bus on shared service: 
On the transport will be from 20 to 40people

This transport make stops along the way and visit the national park Salinas and aguada blanca.

At Patapampa or Mirador de los Andes at 4850 mhsl, from there you can see the Andes Range and different volcanoes like Misti,Chachani,Ubinas,Hualca Hualca,Coropuna,Ampato (Where was discovered Juanita mummy). Also and in the distance the Mismi mountain where is the origin of the amazon river.

In tojra Pampa to see andean birds

In Patahuasi to see Lamas,Alpacas and vicunas

Also in the andean lake: In lagunillas to see south american camelids and also birds

If you take this connection to Puno city after a tour or trek in Colca canyon you don´t skyp any visit in the national park of salinas and aguada blanca.
In the transport to Puno city there is enough space for suitcases.


Important: Inside the canyon there are not hotels or Lodges.
Some home stay offer hot water , but they use solar panel and after use the first customer there are not more hot water , that is the reason that we can`t offer you hot water on the showers.
Some accommodation have private bathroom but there are limited rooms with bathrooms, if for you is very important please tell us with months in advance. By Pricar service is included private bathroom and for tourist bus service is extra cost.

The rooms inside the canyon:  hostels, home stay or lodges are really very basic they try offer you the best that they have, but please don`t wait or dream with really lodges or hotels.
Inside the rooms you will have bed and blankets not carry sleeping bags but carry warm pijama for the bed or trekking liners.  
Inside the canyon or in Cabanaconde there are not ATM`s please carry cash.

If you like to ride on the mule: we don`t recommend it because there was some accidents. Normally people ride on the mules the last day of the Colca trek from the        bottom   of the canyon to Cabanaconde. If some of our customers decide to do it, we are not responsible for future accidents and remember this is extra, this service is not included on our treks.

ECOLOGICAL  BAGS FOR THE  RUBBISH.-  ( available on private car service and by tourist bus on shared service)  Pablo tour is an ECO RESPONSIBLE COMPANY , Pablo tour`s team  take care the nature and during our tours, treks and expeditions our guides carry a bag for the plastic  bottles . Please if you buy plastic bottle of water   during the trek put the empty plastic bottle inside our ecological bags, the guide will transport it to our office in Arequipa city.
Our guides will provide you this ecological Rubbish Bag.

Important: the rain season in Arequipa region is from November to March But during these months is possible to trek, the only month that sometimes we have many rain is on February .On the rain season except February in the morning is blue sky, please during the rain season we recommend carry your rain jacket.


Colca canyon trek difficulty / how difficult is the Colca canyon trek

How difficult is the Colca canyon trek,
If you compare the Colca canyon trekking Vs Inca trail trek
First, during the Colca canyon trek you cross maximum 3300mhsl and in the inca trail trek 4200mhsl.
We thought the Inca trail trek is harder than the Colca canyon trek
Colca canyon trek Vs Salkantay trek
We thought Salkantay trek is harder than the Colca canyon trekking, the Colca canyon trek cross an altitude of 3300 and salkantay trek 4650mhsl.
And remember the altitude of Cuzco city is 3300 mhsl Yessssss the same altitude of the maximum altitude of Colca canyon trekking.
Puno city and Titicaca Lake: 3800mhsl
And the maximum altitude for Colca canyon trekking is 3300mhsl and the bottom of the canyon is at 2100mhsl.
-The Colca canyon trekking is not technical is only very  physical
-The temperatures on the canyon are from 12 to 30 grados centigrados
-Rain season is from December to April but most days in the morning are blue sky and from May to November every days is blue sky.
-If you are tired on the last day of the trek you can hire mules or horse to trek up hill to    Cabanaconde
-Yes, some of our customers found  the Colca canyon trek harder but other not
-Remember the start point trek for Colca canyon (inside the Canyon) is from Cabanaconde) and you need to travel by transport from Arequipa to Cabanaconde.
From Arequipa to Cabanaconde you need to travel 6 hours and you cross an altitude of 4850mhsl but is only by transport.

Example of difficulty colca canyon 2 days trek:

Difficulty I.- When you are on the beach and you walk on the coast with ice cream on the hand.
Difficulty II. - When you trek only 3 hours per day from   0 m. to 2500 m.
Difficulty III.-When you trek till 3700mhsl and 4-6 hours per day ,
Not technical experience needed, very physical and at the end of the trek most of our customers are very tired.
Difficulty IV.-Technical experience is required, you will use rope and crampons, hiking over 5000mhsl, but sometimes at this altitude in the Andes you don`t need to use crampons or rope, just a really very good physical shape.
This trek is for people that like to improve every year the maximum altitudes in treks
Difficulty  V. - For crazy people and professional hikers

We thought the Colca canyon trek has a difficulty of III

Please Check difficulty trek and altitude Colca Canyon





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