Colca Canyon trekking

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  Colca Tour - Culture and Nature tour in colca canyon 2 day tour colca peru  

This special colca canyon 2 days tour has been designed specially for the lovers of history, flora and fauna. On This trip you have these options: colca canyon tour 2 day from Arequipa, colca canyon tour from Chivay, colca canyon tour from Puno , Colca canyon tour from Cusco, Colca canyon tour from Arequipa to Puno,colca canyon tour ending in Puno.

The special colca canyon tour 2 days tour with Pablo tour avoid the crowd, and we trek 2 hours every day.


Approximately at 6 a.m. we pickup the passenger at their hotel, then we leave to the Colca Valley and then to the colca canyon. We leave before the classic tours and before the classics travel agencies.

Approximately after a two hours trip, we will find the main route that goes to the Colca Valley. In this sector, that is named "Pampas Cañahuas" we will be able to watch the "vicuñas" which are non-domesticated camelids that live freely onto the "Aguada Blanca y Salinas" National Park.

On this part of our trip, it is possible to use the rest rooms placed in "Chasqui Pampa". Here there is a small restaurant where you can take a coca tea, coffee and sandwichs.

After this, we willl go to the "Bofedales of Tocjra Pampa" where we will be able to watch different kinds of birds like black ibis, andean duck, "guayatas", "the pajaro bobo", Andean gulls, etc.
Near this place we will be able to find herds of "llamas" and "alpacas".

In this part of our trip we will be at a height of 4850 meters over the sea level (In a place named "Mirador de los Volcanes"). Here, we will have an outstanding view of the different volcanoes (also called "the volcanic belt of Southern Peru) and a partial view of the Center Andes Mountain Chain.

After approximately 4 hours of travel and visits we will arrive to the Colca Valley, specifically to the town named Chivay 3700 mhsl, which is the bigests one, where we will be able to enjoy thermal waters (second day of the program) with a temperature of 38 Celsius degrees, also we can visit the museum next to the thermal waters.

Then we travel in the middle of the nature , we make :

First trek: a trek during one hour in the middle of the pre-inca terracies , here ,there are not tourists: the difficult of this trek is : Easy +. After the trek we take the lunch.

This lunch is one of our highlights. A local family will cook for our group. The lady of the house sits down to eat with us and tell us her stories. By eating with this local family you help the local economy and thus get to know the Peruvian culture better.

After lunch, we will continue our trip towards Cabanaconde village placed at 3287 meters over the sea.

After driving 5 minutes we will arrive at the Mirador de Ocolle, from this place we can observe the construction of terraces on a hill giving the shape of a giant and open amphitheater divided by the Colca river.

From this place we can marvel at the knowledge of engineering and hydraulic work of the ancient Peruvian cultures. If we look carefully we can see that these terraces also served as an ecological laboratory for the domestication of plants to the different ecological floors of the Colca valley and Colca canyon. Taking advantage of the first terraces of the upper part until we reach the lower part that is next to the Colca river.

This wonder is located on the right bank of the Colca Valley.

In the way we will be able to watch and to photograph pre Inca terraces known as "andenes", ceremonial stones, the colonial church of the village of Yanque and finally we will arrive to the "Cross of the Condor".

Then, we visit the colca valley without tourists (the leftt side ), remember the classic tours sleep in Yanque or Chivay city ,and the next day all travel agencies and tourists leave in the early morning to the condor cross , and they do the same stops at the same time along the Colca valley and in the viewpoints and villages are full tourists,cars and buses.

The noise of tourists and the noise from motor cars they can not enjoy the visit and the nature.

That is why we continue on this day towards Cabanaconde village 3287 mhsl.

Then, with our transport we continue to Cabanaconde , on the way we can stop any where , Yes that is true!. we will visit de differents viewpoints such, Antahuilque viewpoint,Mollepunku viewpoint .wayrapunku, ceremonial stones, etc. On the way from Arequipa to Cabanaconde you can stop anywhere.

After these visits we will arrive to the condor cross, WELCOME TO THE COLCA CANYON .This place is the start of the colca canyon , yes we leave the colca valley and we enter to the colca canyon. we visit the condor cross without tourists and if we have luke we can see how condor return to their nests. (without tourists). don´t worry , you will visit the condor cross for second time the next day in the morning.

Before arrive to Cabanaconde village we will stop at the Tapay viewpoint to see the village inside the colca canyon then ,

Second trek: We trek from Tapay viewpoint 3700 mhsl , to Cabanaconde 3287mhsl. during one hour , the difficult of this trek is : Easy +.

On this trek you will cross Pre-Inca terracies you can see local people on their daily activities. This trek is highly recommended by our customers, during the trek you can see the sunset on the colca canyon.

Comments.-The treks are optionals, if you prefer you can stay in the transport with the driver , you can take more pictures and at the end of the treks the driver pick up the rest of customers.

Night in a hotel in Cabanaconde.

With the special program of Pablo tour we visit the colca valley in the afternoon (without tourists)

Advantages of our colca tour culture and nature

We do the visit of the KolKa Valley in the afternoon ´cause in the mornings there are hundreds of tourists.

We sleep in the village of Cabanaconde and not in Chivay or Yanque because in Cabanaconde there are also good hotels and the village is more typical (fewer tourists)

On the second day of the tour we don't get up at 4:00 am and drive to condor cross to see the condors (like the classic tours that spend the night in chivay or Yanque village)

We visit two times to the Condor cross. The first time is in the afternoon of the first day of our trip, where, frequently, some condors could be seen. The second time is in the morning of the second day.

We get up at 5 a.m. to make our first trek ( but we don´t drive) . we start the trek to the best viewpoint of the colca Canyon to Achachihua viewpoint ( to see the sunrise) This viewpoint is in Cabanaconde village.

Breakfast in Cabanaconde from 6:30 am to 7:00 am

We leave to condor cross 7: 00 am. The distance from Cabanaconde to " Condor cross" is reached in only 15 minutes.

Our tourists are always the first to arrive at the condor cross and so we can take the best rock seats to better enjoy the condor´s flight and take the best pictures. And believe me, arriving early to the condor cross and choosing the best places is worth it.

If you sleep in Chivay -Yanque or Coporaque (Classic tours you would have to wake up early in the morning in order to reach the Condor cross in 2-3 hours (or 42 kilometers) including visits with a lot of tourists. And when you get to the condor cross it will be full and you will regret not having slept in Cabanaconde and the best places to take pictures will be busy.

Example: Wakeup 4 am/ to 4:30 , shower , toillets , etc/ from 4:30 to 5:00 am breakfast / from 5:00 to 5:30 pick up the passeneger from diferent hotels.

Then with the transport from Chivay to condor cross in 2-3 hours with visits along the way , Normally they arrive at condor cross 8:00 to 9 am.

That is why we sleep in Cabanaconde village , this village is at only 15 min. from condor cross and Cabanaconde is in the colca canyon. The other villages are in colca Valley:

Click here to see where is the colca valley and the colca canyon

Stay in Cabanaconde.

Important.-During the tour a visit to the thermal baths is included to enjoy the 38-degree Celsius pools. You and the guide can decide if you do it the first day or the second day. Normally they visit the hot springs the first day at an hour where there are no tourists and the pools are only at our disposal.


At 5:00 am, we leave from our hotel , after 20 minutes of trek we arrive to the best view point of colca canyon ( the gran Mirador of Achachihua ) Here, there are not tourists, from here you can see : the sunrise in colca canyon¡ the Oasis inside the canyon and also the huaruro Waterfall ( the right bank of the colca canyon) , the treasure of the pre-inca trails. Then we come back to Cabanaconde 20 min.

Third trek: Total 40 minutes of trek , flat at 3300 mhsl , the difficulty of the trek is: Easy

After the visit of the gran Mirador of Achachihua we will take the breakfast

7:00 we go to condor cross (15 min. By car) Here we stay about one hour trying see the condor´s flight.

Ater see the condors we trek from the condor cross 3700mhsl to the next View point : the Cure viewpoint 3600 mhsl,

Fourth Trek.- this trek is a little up hill , we reach the canyon with wonderful viewpoints , during the trek we can see condors. 40 minutes of trek to one hour. The difficult of this trek is: easy +.

Then at the end of the trek we meet the transport and we continue towards Pinchollo village and before getting to Maca village, we say good bay to the large tourists groups (classic tours). we branch off the main road and we cross the Colca river towards the right bank of the Colca valley.

The right bank of the Colca valley .- This part of the Colca Canyon is less visited by tourists and not  visited for the classic tours .In this part of the valley there are typical towns of colonial style which are not visited by tourists, these towns are: Lari / Ichupampa. In these towns you can walk and explore through the typical streets and appreciate the quiet life in the Andes.

Then we’ll continue to Yanque or Chivay town , Here we ejoin the hot spring. Probably the guide will suggest you visit the thermal baths the first day at an hour where there are no tourists

Lunch in Chivay.

After lunch, you have 2 option:

1.-Continue to Arequipa City

2.-At 13:00hrs To save a day and for a few more dollars, you can take the connection from Chivay ending in Puno at 7:30 p.m.
If you take this option, we have enough space in the transport to carry your luggage. We can organise and book this transport for you.

We continue towards Arequipa city. The time we get 5 pm.

This tour is for people who like to do something different, being in the middle of pre-Inca terraces, and enjoy a part of the Colca Canyon that is not visited by the classic tours. Directed towards people who like to do good sightseeings in typical villages without many tourists.

See the Colca Tour Map : Special trip by pablo tour

Dear friends, after having organized classic tours to the Colca valley and Colca Canyon since the 80s, and after receiving many comments and suggestions from our customers, we decided to change the classic tour to the Colca valley avoiding the masses of tourists.
The name of this tour is Colca tour culture and nature by Pablo tour.
Let me inform you that the precious suggestions from our customers we have taken in mind and we are making a route where we avoid encountering the great masses of tourists.
Allow us to inform you what are the complaints filed by the vast majority of tourists who visit the Colca Valley at its classic route madden by classic travel agencies, where the journey is performed in large and uncomfortable buses and sleep in towns of Chivay, Yanque or Coporaque which are part of the Colca Valley and not the truly Colca Canyon

Colca valley Classic tours:

  1. The classic tours only visit the Colca Valley.
  2. Everyone sleeps in Chivay, Yanque or Coporaque.
  3. The first day in the afternoon all go together like sardines swiming at the same time in the hot springs.
  4. All classics travel agencies visit the Colca Valley the second day in the morning at the same time.
  5. In the first visit of the second day occurs unheard of, in the village of Yanque await over 50 children typically dresses dancing for tourists and then asking for money. In the same village in the main square ladies typical dress have wild birds (like hawks , eagles, owls, etc..) tied up, to which it they have cut their wings to prevent their flight and this ladies charge for each photo S /....... Nuevo sol. And incredibly there are hundreds of tourists taking pictures with this birds suffering. Currently the same is happening in the town of Maca, where you can find different wild birds what they do is put a hat on the tourist and the poor bird has to go up to the tourist's head and they take a picture of him. That is not responsible tourism, do not do that!

We do not agree that children in the main square of Yanque be exploited in this way. Ok can dance but ask for money at a young age is not good.

6. In the classic tours all visit the Colca Valley the second day in the morning, everyone has to get up to have breakfast 4:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. from 5 to 5:30 am pick up the tourists from different hotels, they need to go to the condor cross. On the way stop in the viewpoints and not only expects nature but also street vendors and great masses of tourists accompanied with car engine noise, noise of tourists, pollution from cars etc.

Important: viewpoints in the Colca Valley are very small and are not prepared to receive large amounts of tourists at the same time.

7. The classic tours only visit the left side of the valley.

8. In the classic tours 99% of the time the tourists are in the car unable to walk

Points improved in our Colca tour - culture and nature by Pablo Tour

  1. Our Colca tour , culture and naturel visit the Colca valley and Colca Canyon
  2. We sleep in cabanaconde village (Colca Canyon)
  3. We visit the hot springs when there are no tourists in the pools
  4. We visit the Colca valley the first day in the afternoon without tourists
  5. We do not visit the village of Yanque the second day with the great masses of tourists, we visit this town the first day in the afternoon without tourists
  6. We sleep in the Colca Canyon in cabanaconde, we do not need to get up so early to take a transport, the distance between cabanaconde and the condor’s cross is only at 15 minutes by car
  7. We visit the left side and right of the Colca Valley
  8. We walk every day two hours , 2 treks each day, in total we make 4 short treks in our tour. But if you decided don´t make one of the trek or all the treks, not problem , the treks are optional and you can stay with driver taking pictures
  9. And we visit the best viewpoint in the Colca canyon: Gran mirador Achachihua
  10. 10 We visit the condor cross 2 times , first time: first day in the afternoon, second time: Second day in the morning.

Important Our goals are:

  1. We avoid the tourists crowd during the tour.
  2. We visit the Colca Valley and the Colca Canyon
  3. We visit the right bank and left bank of the Colca valley
  4. We sleep in cabanaconde (typical village)
  5. We visit the Colca valley the first day without tourists
  6. Maximum 8 people per group
  7. We trek at least 2 hours per day (optional) , on the first day, we make 2 treks each one hour. On second day we make 2 treks each one, one hour.
Colca canyon 2 day tour included
  • Official English speaking guide
  • Private tourist transport (heating and ventilation)
  • Pick up from your hotel 06:00hrs to avoid the crowd
  • We dropp you at your hotel 17:00hrs
  • Experienced driver
  • Night hotel in Cabanaconde (3287m)
  • Meals: Day 1 .- Lunch with a local family and dinner in the hotel.
    • Day 2 .- Breakfast and lunch
  • Oxygen and first aid kit for all participants and our staff
  • Food and accommodation for our driver and guide
  • Pre trip information one day before in your hotel or in our Office
  • Assistance 24 hours of our travel agency Pablo Tour
  • Entrance fee to the National Park - Colca Canyon
  • Entrance and visit at the hot spring when there are few tourists
not included
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Tips for the guide and driver
  • Breakfast of the first day, this breakfast corresponds to provide the hotel in Arequipa
Colca canyon 2 day tour price

Departure: any day

Private guide / private car /special itinerary.

What to bring?                                        
-Towel for the hot spring
-Cap or hut
-Warm cloths
-Personal medications

Observation.-In the second day of our colca tour if you do not want to return to the city of Arequipa,(to save a day) you can connect by bus from colca to Puno. We can arranged it for you. Not problem if you have big suicases , we have enough space in our transport.


Colca canyon tour from Puno to Arequipa is possible with Pablo tour, we can Organize for you the transport, bus from Puno to Colca that leave from your hotel in Puno from 6:00 am to 6:30 am then the transport arrive to Colca-Chivay 12: 30 pm here we will meet you with our group tour that leave from Arequipa and you will lunch with the rest of the group and we will follow our program this same day we visit the Colca valley and we sleep in Cabanaconde village ( Colca canyon).

Colca canyon tour from Chivay, If you stay in chivay the first night yes is possible make a tour from Chivay , following the first day of our program we can meet you 12:00 pm to lunch together then we will follow the program.

But we recomend Not stay the first night in Chivay . Please take the tour from Arequipa if you don`t have so much time from Puno

Colca canyon day tour, sorry we don`t recomend it because is a lot of travel.

ECOLOGICAL  BAGS FOR THE  RUBBISH.-   Pablo tour is an ECO RESPONSIBLE COMPANY , Pablo tour`s team  take care the nature and during our tours, treks and expeditions our guides carry a bag for the plastic  bottles . Please if you buy plastic bottle of water   during the trek put the empty plastic bottle inside our ecological bags, the guide will transport it to our office in Arequipa city. Our guides will provide you this ecological Rubbish Bag.

On This trip you have these options:

1.-colca canyon tour 2 day from chivay,

2.-colca canyon tour 2 days from Arequipa

3.- colca canyon tour 2 days from Puno

4.-Colca canyon tour 3 day from Cuzco

5.-Colca canyon tour from Arequipa to Puno - Colca canyon tour ending in Puno

6.-Colca canyon tour from Colca to Cuzco

Once you arrive to Chivay 12:30 pm  our guide with the rest of the group who left Arequipa will pick you up to lunch together, and then you will continue with the program.

 Follow our itinerary

Day 1.-We pick you up from your hotel in Puno city from 6:00 to 6:15 am then we travel to Chivay city( Colca) there we will arrive 12:30 and our guide will pick you up to continue with the tour.
On the way you will do stops , on Lagunillas this an small lake where we stop to take pictures of birds , like flamingos. Then we stop to see lamas Alpacas and vicuñas on the National park of Salinas and aguada blanca , we will stop 2 times for toilettes. Before arrive to chivay we will stop at 4950 mhsl in Patapampa view point from the you can see the Andes Ranges the volcanoes of Arequipa Region like: Misti, Chachani,Hualcahualca,Sabancaya, Ubinas and others
Once you arrive to Chivay, our guide with the rest of the group who left Arequipa will pick you up to lunch together, and then you will continue with the program.
Don`t worry If you leave from Puno you will not miss anything because the tour that leave from Arequipa make same stops. Important before confirm the transfert we need to know the name and address of your hotel in Puno , we can pick you up only from hotels that are located in Puno city If your hotel is not located in Puno city please ask for a private tranfert.

DAY 1.-
• Departure days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
• Departure time : At 06:45 hrs.
• Arrival time and place: About 17:00 – 17:30 hrs. in Chivay Main Square.
Our trip starts at 07:00 hrs., passing through traditional towns as Andahuaylillas and Urcos. About 09:40 hrs. we arrive in Sicuani and an hour later we make a stop in Langui Lake, which is a magnificent 25-kilometer water mirror.
After a while, we make another stop in Yauri for seeing a “Stone Forest”.
Around 13:00 hrs. we make a 50-minute stop in Espinar for having lunch in a restaurant (only for passengers that paid for this additional service).
At 14:00 hrs. we go on our trip, and some minutes later, we are seeing Condoroma Dam, which is at 4737 MHSL.
An hour later, we make our last stop for seeing the stunning “Castillos de Callalli”, which is a sort of castle-shaped rocky formation made by water and wind erosion.
Finally, we pass through the towns of Sibayo and Tuti, arriving in Chivay about 17:00 or 17:30 hrs.
Here you spend the night by yourself and this day is included just the transport by tourist bus on shared service , you pay you accommodation in Colca, your meals.
DAY 2.-  We will pick you up 11:00 am from Chivay But if you sleep in chivay not problem we can pick you up from your hotel but if you sleep in other village please wait us on the Chivay main square .

On the day 2 after after lunch from Chivay the transport leave 13:00h you will continue to Puno this tourist bus on shared service arrive 19:30 on  the bus station of Puno,  and you will not miss anything on our tour because you will stop on the same places.


On the second day of the program we dropp you in Colca and the third day , you take the bus from Chivay to Cuzco.

• Departure days: Monday,wednesday and friday
• Departure time : At 06:45 hrs.
• Arrival time and place: About 17:00 – 17:30 hrs. avenue 28 de Julio near to Mormones church.

And Yes you can book buses with Pablo Tour , bus from Chivay to Puno , bus from Puno to Chivay, Bus from Cusco to colca (Chivay), bus from Colca to Cusco.


The weaather in Arequipa: Arequipa have one medium temperature yearly of 20°, (Max 24° and min 5° C). The Raining season go from December to March. But in colca canyon Max 21° and min. -5° C.

Please Check difficulty tour and altitude Colca Canyon





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