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  Trek from the andes to the Pacific coast in Peru, a real trek in Arequipa peru

Duration: 8 days


Cotahuasi canyon is found in the north of arequipa, at 2600 meters above sea level. it will take 10 hours of travel by car, 390km from the city of arequipa.

we can divide the cotahuasi canyon in two parts; the north (cotahuasi valley) and the south (cotahuasi canyon)

in the north of cotahuasi (cotahuasi valley) are interesting tourist attractions such as the town of puica, which has archeologist remains and the town of tomepampa where there is the stone forest of huito, the uscuny waterfall and the ccozla thermal baths.

in the south of cotahuasi (cotahuasi canyon) we will find the most important part for us, it is the deepest part of one of the deepest canons in the world.

for the people that are interested in doing a real trek in peru, our recommendations are to do the southern cotahuasi tour (sipia waterfall) from here you can see the structure of the canyon and how it spreads towards the west until the South America Pacific Coast -sea, here is where we will do one of the most unusual treks in peru.

This trek in South America Peru is interesting because we will completely explore the entire cotahuasi canyon, we will pass through the deepest part of this canyon and arrive to the south America coast in Peru the pacific. the idea of this trek is to trek from the andes to the Pacific coast in South America

why is our Trek from the andes to the Pacific coast in Peru, a real trek in Arequipa peru is one of the most interesting treks in peru?

  • this trek through cotahuasi isn’t very popular and so you won’t see any tourist.
  • you will visit the deepest part of the cotahuasi canyon (one of the deepest canyons in the world)
  • we will start the trek in the cotahuasi canyon and arrive at the peruvian pacific coast.
  • on this trip we will visit archaeological remains, thermal natural waters and see wild scenery.
  • it is entire and pure contact with nature.
  • Trek from the andes to the Pacific coast in Peru, a real trek in Arequipa peru isn’t a trek at altitude. the maximum altitude on this trek is 3100 meters above sea level (see the fourth day of the itinerary)

day 1: arequipa – majes valley – cotahuasi canyon – 370km

6:30 am we will leave the city of arequipa in our van specially equipped for this type of expedition.

on route we will visit petroglyphs; these petroglyphs are a collection of more than 5000 stones of volcanic rock with different representations, belonging to the wari or huari cultures (between 700-800 bc)

we will continue our journey to visit the dinosaurs’ tracks of querullpa; they are tracks from 150 million years ago. these tracks were discovered in 2002 and they were found 200 meters from the main trail that goes to cotahuasi.
after we will pass the town of chuquibamba (3000 meters above sea level), which is famous for its good cheeses.

we will then continue to the town of cotahuasi passing jalhua located at 4650 meters, from there you can appreciate the volcanoes and the snow covered coropuna mountain, 6425 meters and the snow covered solimana mountain which is 6300 meters.

finally in the afternoon we will arrive at cotahuasi, 2600 meters.
on this day you will have a packed lunch and in the evening you will have dinner in a restaurant in cotahuasi. you will spend the night in a hostel.

day 2: – cotahuasi – sipia waterfall by car/trek the sipia-oasis of chaupo-velinga.

after breakfast we will descend by car to the sipia waterfall, (1950 meters). here we will meet the mules and cook.

at the moment we arrive at the sipia bridge, we will sign up to visit the sipia waterfall, this waterfall has a fall of 150 meters it reminds us due to its powerful erosion, it can transform nature and create canyons as deep as the cotahuasi canyon.

on this trek you can see the desert and numerous geologic flaws; we will see the mountains grow before our sight making us feel small. it is in this moment that we know that we are already inside the canyons.

after 3 hours of trekking we will arrive at the chaupo oasis, where our lunch will be waiting for us. then we will continue through the cactus valley and the velinga valley (1420 meters.) it is duration of 4 more hours of trekking.

there is the possibility to fish for trout and to use the thermal baths here.

we will have dinner and camp in velinga.

day 3: – the velinga valley –queshualla valley.

on this day we will leave from the velinga valley to the quechualla valley (1300 meters). this valley is important because it is located near to the deepest part of the cotahuasi canyons.

in this area we will find terraces which were constructed by the ancient peruvians. after 4 hours of trekking we will arrive in quechualla, which is known for its large oasis in the middle of the desert of cotahuasi canyon. we will have lunch in the oasis.

after lunch we will explore and connect with the nature and taste peruvians fruits and drink local wine.

this day is important to sleep in the queshualla valley because on the following day we will increase the altitude.

we will have dinner and camp here.

day 4 – queshualla valley – the town of huachuy

this day we will head to the town of huachuy 3100 m. this is the day when we will raise from 1300 m. to 3100 meters high, in 5-7 hours. this day we will have a packed lunch.

we will increase approximately…..1800 meters. during the trek, on this day each person needs to follow their own rhythm. we don’t think that this is a high increase in altitude; nevertheless it is necessary to do it with great patience and calmness. this is the highest point of our trek.

we will have dinner and camp here.

day 5: – town of huachuy – marpa valley.

after breakfast we will begin the 6 hour descent by trekking from 3100 meters to 1070 meters of altitude and here we will be approximately at the deepest part of the cotahuasi canyon. on this part of the trip we can observe the vertical walls of the cotahuasi canyon.

the cotahuasi canyon is considered one of the deepest canyons in the world it is 3535 meters deep. we will have the privilege to walk in the entrails of the world as the insides of the canyon are 1070 meters above sea level.

after we have enjoyed the unforgettable natural experience that has put us to the test, we will continue our trek. we must cross to the other side of the river (the right hand side) by cable system (55 meters) it is here where we all can appreciate and value the challenges of the nature. then we will cross the river and enjoy dinner and camping in the marpa valley.

the marpa valley is known for the `people who grow grapes and for the homemade peruvian wine.

day 6. marpa valley – tachau valley.

after breakfast we will continue the trek; we will cross a set of ancient remains such as incan cemeteries, incan trails, terraces, the cactus valley and other views. we will cross the cotahuasi river, following the right hand side with the cable car system which we have already passed.

after we have walked for approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes, we will arrive at the yachau oasis (800 meters). here we can fish for trout and shrimps in the nature full of fruit trees this place we call the lost paradise of adán. we will have lunch, dinner and camp.

day 7 – yachau oasis – chaucaya valley

on this day the high temperature (30 degrees centigrade) make us remember that we are already close to the coast that's why this day we will leave from the camp at 4:30am, since a long trek of 8 hours awaits us, up to the town of chaucalla (650 m). here we will have dinner and camp.

day 8 – town of chaucalla – iquipi valley – Pacific coast -camana arequipa

this is our last day the cotahuasi canyon, we will begin our trek at 3.30am due to the high temperatures, this day we will have a lot of trekking in the desert - approximately 9 hours…… but do not worry we will have mules and donkeys for part of the trek that can help with our bags and other items.

this day we can ride horses for part of the trek. we will arrive approximately at 1.30 near to the town of la barrera where we will finish our trek a few kilometers from the south peruvian coast.

here will be a car waiting for us to transport us to the city of arequipa, passing along the Pacific coast of iquipi-camana until we arrive in the city of arequipa and if you have the strength we can bathe in the pacific ocean. and as all good things must come to an end we have to say goodbye to ours: "Trek from the andes to the Pacific coast in Peru, a real trek in Arequipa peru.

Trek from the andes to the Pacific coast in Peru, a real trek in Arequipa peru included:
  • Private 4x4 transport
  • official english speaking guide
  • one nightl in cotahuasi
  • camping gear (4 season tents)
  • mules to carry food, camping gear and your personal back pack
  • and part of the trek wth porters carry food, camping gear back pack
  • all meals from the first lunch (day 1) to the last lunch (last day)
  • boiled water for each participant in the trek (in the morning and after dinner)
  • entrance fee to toromuerto petroglyphs
  • ticket for the hot springs
  • food and accommodation for our camp staff
  • first aid kit
  • Satelital phone only for emergeny
Trek from the andes to the Pacific coast in Peru, a real trek in Arequipa peru not included
  • sleeping bag
what to bring:
  • rain jacket or poncho (December - April)
  • strong comfortable and waterproof footwear
  • one complete change of clothing
  • sweater and jacket
  • flashlight
  • hat or cap
  • sun block
  • toiletries, toilet paper, towel.
  • snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  • sunglasses
  • bottle of water
  • extra money (soles)
  • enthusiasm

BAGS FOR THE MULE.- And remember we provide on the treks backs to transport your personal things  ( 8 kilos per person) like this you need during the trek just a day pack to carry your sunblock, bottle of water, camera etc.
ECOLOGICAL  BAGS FOR THE  RUBBISH.-  Pablo tour is an ECO RESPONSIBLE COMPANY , Pablo tour`s team  take care the nature and during our tours, treks and expeditions our guides carry a bag for the plastic  bottles . Please if you buy plastic bottle of water   during the trek put the empty plastic bottle inside our ecological bags, the guide will transport it to our office in Arequipa city. Our guides will provide you this ecological Rubbish Bag.
Important: the rain season in Arequipa region is from November to March But during these months is possible to trek, the only month that sometimes we have many rain is on February .
On the rain season except February in the morning is blue sky, please during the rain season we recommend carry your rain jacket.

Please Check difficulty trek and altitude Cotahuasi Canyon





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