Colca Canyon trekking

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  frequent asked questions - Arequipa - colca canyon-Cabanaconde information and local buses departure and schedule to Cabanaconde. DIY colca trek Map.    
arequipa faqs

ALTITUDE: 2325 meters above sea level
GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION : South of Peru - 16º 23' 40''
SURFACE : 63 345.00 square meters

The district of Arequipa is about 4.2% of the peruvian territory and the principal economic activities are agriculture and tourism.

The city of Arequipa is constructed at the bottom of the volcano Misti (5825 meters above sea level) whose last erruption was 500 years ago. There are other mountains near Arequipa, like the Chachani (6075 meters above sea level) and the Ampato, where the momie Juanita was discovered. She was a girl who was sacrified in the incan periode and her frozen body is actually exposed in a museum in Arequipa.

Arequipa is located 1070km south of Lima, 6h from Puno and 10h from the city of Cusco.

The day temperature in the city is between 20 – 23şC. The minimum temperature at night is about 6şC. The rainy season and summer is between the end of december until march. In the months of may-june and july it is winter and dry season.

In the villages of the region of Arequipa who are located at an altitude of more than 3000 meters above sea level, the temperatures are lower than in the city and the solar radiation is more intense.

Concerning the food and the restaurants in the city of Arequipa, we recommend to taste the “Rocoto relleno”, “Pastel de papa”, “Ocopa Arequipeńa”, “Chupe de camarones”, also the “Cuy chactado” and of course you should taste the drink “Chicha de maiz”.

The typical restaurants of Arequipa are called “Picanterías” and here are some names of this type of restaurants :

- El montonero (Ex German Club)at the border of the river Chili
- Sol de mayo (district of Yanahuara) with beautiful garden
- La Maison del Virrey (Calle San Francisco), elegant and near the plaza
- El Soncollay (Plaza de Armas, San Augustín Portal), “Incan food” and very good view on the Plaza

And if you want a little bit of everything, go to the restaurant “La nueva Palomino” and ask for the “plato Americano” which is a little bit of all typical plates in a big plate. Normally, this plate is only served after 3 pm and on saturday,

Places to go out :

- The “Dadyo’s” : Music for young people. Plaza de Armas, Flores Portal
- The “Deja vu” : For all ages, nice terrasse and live music all days except sunday, monday and tuesday, Calle San Francisco
- The “Casona Forum” : local music as salsa, latin rock and European music, big dance space, people of all ages, Calle San Francisco

Facts about Colca Canyon and Andagua Trekking

Where is Colca Canyon?

The Colca Canyon is at 6h by bus and 220km to the village of Cabanaconde in the district of Caylloma whose capital village is Chivay.

Where is the beginning of the trekking in the Colca Canyon ?

This is an important question because there are more than 14 villages in the Colca Canyon and the village of Cabanaconde is the place, where the treks of the following trekkings come together

-Colca Trekking : Oasis-Tapay, 3 days
-Colca Trekking: Llahuar-Huaruro waterfall, 4 days
-Andagua Trekking - Volcanoes Valley: 5-6 days
-Mocurca Lake Trekking

How do I arrive to the village of Cabanaconde ?
In Arequipa exist two bus terminals; the first and older terminal is the “Terminal terrestre” where the busses for the Highlands leave : Puno, Cuzco and also for the Colca Valley and the Colca Canyon, Cotahuasi, Chivay, Cabanaconde, Yanque, etc.

The second terminal is the “Terrapuerto” where the buses for the costa leave as for the cities Lima, Nazca, Pisco, Ica and in summer with more often to the beach of Arequipa - Mollendo and Mejía.

The distance in local bus to the Colca Valley is 164km to Chivay and 220km to Cabanaconde.

Departures from Arequipa Stop in Chivay Arrival in Cabanaconde
02:00 am
06:00 am
12:00 pm
02:00 pm
05:00 am
11:00 am
05:00 pm
07:00 pm
7:00 am
01:00 pm
07:00 pm
09:00 pm




The bus companies who are leaving at this schedule for the Colca Valley are Reyna and Andalucía.

We recommend also the company Milagros ( yesica) can help you. this bus leave at 15:00.

Ask for the right side of the bus to see the canyon.

Cotahuasi Canyon, the distance is 357km and the bus trip takes 11h and normally, the buses leave at 4pm from the bus terminal with the bus companies Reyna and Transporte Alex.

Are there any hotels in Cabanaconde ?

There is no problem to find hotels in Cabanaconde : but please book in advance
Hostal “Valle del fuego”, : office phone in Arequipa city 51-54-203737 , for reservation Any time (51) (54) 958962369.
e-mail: /web page :
“La casa de pablo”, pone : 51-54 203737, office phone in Arequipa city 51-54-203737 , for reservation Any time (51) (54) 958962369.
e-mail :
“Kuntur wasi”
“La posada del conde”

What does it cost to hike Colca Canyon in 2010?
*Local bus Arequipa-Cabanaconde, one way cost US$ 6.00
*Bus departure fee Arequipa to Cabanaconde US$ 1.00
*Hotel in Cabanaconde US$ 7.00 - US$ 30.00
*Tenting US$ 5.00 ask for free camping at hostel valle del fuego
*Hut at Oasis US$ 4.00
*Swimming pool oasis US$ 3.00 ask for free ticket swimming pool at the hostel valle del fuego.
*Food in village or oasis US$ 4.00 – 8.00
*Bus Andagua to Arequipa US$ 12.00
*Official trekking English, French, Spanish speaking guide from arequipa city US$30-40 per day.
*Local guide from Cabanaconde (Spanish) US$ 15.00 - 25.00 per day
(Contac at the “Hostel valle Del fuego” Pablo, trekking guide)
*Mule, donkey or horse US$ 18.00 – 20.00 per day
*muleteer or Arriero US$ 18.00 per day
*Entrance fee US$ 12.00 national park. ( colca canyon)

Normally, the tourists walk in theColca trekking before doing the Inca Trail in Cusco the inca trail in cusco cross in the second day 4200 m. Arequipa is at an altitude of 2325 meters above sea level and Cusco is at 3300 meters. The stay in Arequipa and the trekking in the Colca are a good possibility to acclimatise to the altitude. in the colca canyon trek , cabanacnde village is the place more hight in the trek :3300 m.

Nevertheless, we recommend to do the Andagua Trekking after the trekking in Cusco or Huaraz where you can acclimatise for the 5200 meters of the Andes (Cordillera de los Andes) who are passed in the Andagua Trekking.

Arequipa has an average annual temperature of 20° (Maximum 24° C and minimum 5° C). The rain season runs from December to March.



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