Colca Canyon trekking  

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  Extreme caution    

Dear Clientr:

How is it possible to know that our agency Pablo Tour is a serious and professional travel agency? 

Our travel agency was created in 1998 and we are actually recommended by different  handbooks:

Footprint / rough guide / reisen know how / Stephan losse / guide du routard / Geus / .Etc

How to know that the agency Pablo Tour is a travel agency  legally created in Peru?

Please click on our web site to watch our certificates and licenses of working.

How to know that your reservations will be respected and not cancelled?

To reserve,  Pablo Tour agency  need all the time a remittance of 50% of the total price, after we received the remittance, we send you a  bill by the net. This guarantied the reservation.

Why is it important to do this remittance  before the tour ?

Because this is the only way to reserved a tour: for example:

If you reserved a tour with a tour agency on the net, without doing a remittance for the tour, and this agency says, ok no problem. What could Happened?

  • the day of the tour, nobody comes to find you for the tour.
  • They come but they apologize at your hotel just a day before, saying that they have to cancel the tour for many reasons.

How could  you demand that they have to respect the reservation, without bought before?

Important characteristic of our agency:

During the treks in the Colca and Cotahuasi canyon , the volcanoes valley and the cultural and ecological tours in the Colca and Cotahuasi Canyon:

Why Pablo Tour doesn’t create groups with other tour agencies?

…We are a trip agency situated in the town of Arequipa, and that permit to us to organize our own groups and to have a total control.

In the town of Arequipa in the most part of the time, the other agencies link their groups (15 or 20 persons by group), us the maximum of persons in our tour that we can take care is 6 in cultural tours and 8 in adventure tours like trekking, rafting, etc. Pablo Tour doesn’t send his tourists to other agencies,  because we consider that it is better to take care of our clients by ourselves.

For us the physical form of any person is important, that’s why we make groups listening to all information, communicating by private mails.




Extreme Caution Payments Sale Rules

Address: Jerusalen 400-AB-1 Arequipa - Peru "PabloTour"
Telephone: ( 51) ( 54 ) 203737
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