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Misti Volcano trek climbing tours Misti 5825m

2 days / 1 nights


Misti Volcano has an altitude of 5825 meters, it is located in the region of Arequipa, it is not a technical mountain, but nevertheless it is a stratum volcano with a presence of ash and sand. These characteristics increase the difficulty of this volcano to make it less easy, and so we advise any friends or clients, to trekking to Misti´s summit it is mostly a trek of altitude.

El Misti Volcano is the most popular symbol of the City of Arequipa, to speak about this volcano it is to speak about the Arequipeños and about their rich history. Thanks to this volcano and its acid eruptions (ashes), at present the City of Arequipa is provided with some of the richest grounds for agricultural activity, on the foot of the Misti Volcano there are rich valleys such as the Chilina Valley, which has been inhabited from before the arrival of the Spanish in 1540.

To order to climb el Misti Volcano, technical preparation is not needed as it is not a technical mountain; it is a stratum volcano which consists of ashes and of volcanic lava.

To climb this volcano is mainly a test of altitude. The only difficulty that we will have when climbing this volcano is the volcanic ash and sand, (in some cases dunes which are formed in the sand). We will find these elements on the volcano will make our ascent a little more difficult.

Peru is recognized internationally by the presence of the Andes Mountain Range. Arequipa is a region privileged for being provided with active volcanoes, snow-capped mountains of more than 6000 meters high and mountain ranges such as the Chila Mountain Range in the Colca Canyon.

The trips towards the volcanoes in the region of Arequipa are organized bearing in mind of quality standards, and safety mountaineering

Remember that to be able to do an ascent at altitude a sufficient acclimatization is needed. In mountaineering in all of our programs of ascent up the volcanoes and snow-capped mountains in Arequipa, we assume that, our clients have given themselves sufficient time to acclimatize before the trek. Nevertheless if you are not acclimated to the altitude, you must consult with us about the ascents for every snow-capped mountain or volcano trek.

Our goal is not only to sell climbing tours, our goal is that our clients arrive at the summit of the volcanoes and snow capped peaks on the climbing tours. In order to do this it is necessary at the time of the consultation for the climbing tour, that you tell us if you are acclimatized to the altitude.

If already you are acclimatized we can do the ascent and follow the program and you can. And if not, it does not matter, we can add one or two more days to the same program. If you do not have a lot of experience we recommend to you to do an ascent in private service and the guide will be able to take you up to the summit slowly to the suit your rhythm.

The programs on our website about ascent are only programs, as these can be adapted to the physical experience and acclimatization of each of our clients.

Our guides are trained and qualified in the High Mountain School in the region of Huaraz.

Duration of the tour:  2 days and 1 night.
Difficulty               : Easy
Altitude in feet: 19,101 ft (5825 meters)
Location: 16°17′40″S / 71°24′32″W / 
South Western Peruvian Mountain Range, 95 miles (150 km) from the City of Arequipa
Type of volcano: Stratum volcano



Climb misti volcano southern route program
day 1

We will leave from the City of Arequipa at 8 in the morming and we will head by 4x4 to 3300 meters, in 2 hours.

From here we will walk until we reach the base camp (named eagles nest situated at 4800 m.h.s.l). We will walk for 6 hours.

At night we will have dinner and camp here.

day 2

After breakfast we will leave at 3 in the morning to reach the summit (5825 meters), duration of 7 hours and then we will descent from the summit (5825 meters) until 3300 meters, where our car will be waiting for us.

We will return to the City of Arequipa.

When we arrive in the City of Arquipa, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Important: On our ascents,climb and hiking we will include a porter.

The porter will carry the following camping equipment of the customers: Tents, cooking equipment ,sleeping bags and mattresses. If you do not wish to carry your personal things like ( your personal water for the trek : 5 litres per person + personal cloths) you can hire a porter , the price is $70.00 (USD) per day.

One porter can carry maximun 15 kilos.



09:00AM , Our passengers will be collected by 4x4 from their respective hotels; we will leave the City of Arequipa located at 2325m. We will then head towards the Misti Volcano. We take the road by 4x4 via Cabrerías up to 4300 m.

In the journey between the City of Arequipa (2325m.) and 4300 meters (up to where we will go by car) we will be able to observe the South American camels (vicuñas) at full freedom, inside the Aguada Blanca and Salinas National Reserve. Inside this reserve we can also see some shaven birds such as the hawk and the eagle, and sometimes vultures such as the condor. Also in this zone there is a bird which its diet consists half of dead animals and half from animals it catches itself (vulture) and half shaven, this bird has the local name of Cara Cara, and if we are lucky we will be able to see some wild guanacos that are a species of wild South American camel.

In this national reserve we can also spot a species of Andean rabbit called vizcacha and if we are lucky some Andean foxes.

Characteristics of the ascent to the Misti Volcano via Aguada Blanca y Salinas:

  • We will travel by 4x4 to 4100 meters of altitude.  
  • The Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve is protected by military personnel as here lays the biggest dam in the City of Arequipa.
  • Only some tour agencies such as Pablo Tour have the authorization to climb this volcano from the dam.
Day 1

You will be collected from your hotel at 09:00am, we will leave in the direction of the Chachani Volcano and we will pass the cabrerías until we reach an altitude of 4300 meters. From here we will begin our ascent to the Misti Volcano until we arrive at 4800 meters. (Campsite Monte Blanco) This day we will walk for 4 hours.

Day 2

Very early before the sun rises we will have our breakfast, in order to begin the ascent (4:00 am) towards the summit of the Misti Volcano (5825 m). During the ascent we will watch the dawn from the volcano, according to our clients the dawn from the Misti Volcano, is the best part of the ascent. Of course it is impossible to watch the dawn from the southern side of Misti (see first option).

This day to arrive at the summit of the Misti Volcano we will need to walk approximately between 5/6 hours.

When we arrive at the summit we will observe an iron cross, we can remain on Misti´s summit for approximately 20 minutes. This is in order to appreciate the incredible mountain range and especially the ring of fire (the set of volcanoes aligned in the south of Peru).

The ring of fire is composed of a set of aligned volcanoes: Misti, Chachani, Ubinas (erupted in 2007) Sabancaya (erupted in 1991), the snow-capped Ampato Volcano (where was discovered the Juanita mummy), the extinct Volcano and glacier Coropuna and the snow-capped Hualcahualca Volcano.

For the descent we will cross some dunes and volcanic ash, this does make our descent much easier and more fun. The descent will take us as a maximum one hour and a half to arrive at 4100 meters where our 4x4 will be waiting for us.

We will meet with our 4x4 at approximately 12:30 pm; we will arrive in the City of Arequipa at 2:30 pm. You will be transferred to your hotel or place of preference.


Private Service: Designed for those who only want to stay with the people you know for example you and your partner, only two people will be on the climbing tour. Of course this is a more expensive service.

This service is more personalized, the guide will adapt himself to your rhythm, the guide will teach you (if you would like) the small tricks of the mountain, for example, different skills of world basic ascents.

On this service, you will not climb the mountain with another client that has more or less experience than you. The guide will try to take you as far as possible up to the summit.

Our treks and climbing in mountains leave just on private service.

Example : if you are just 2 of you , you will be in the mountain : 2 customers + private guide and private porter + private transport and private driver.

If you are 3 or 4 customers is the same. and remember if you are more than 4 people we add one assistant guide.

Shared Service: This the classic service offered by the most travel agencies in Arequipa, sorry but Pablo tour don´t Organise this cane of service.

This is designed for people of different nationalities on the tour, (8-12 people in the group) and is an economic service. The negative aspect of this service is that, the participants have different levels of physical Shape and experience in mountain; some customers has good physical shape, some are very good and others don´t have any experience in mountain .Some times there are the people with a lot of experience who take part on a shared service trip, and at the same time in the same group there are other people who have no experience, nor a good physical shape, in our experience the people with less experience hardly ever reach the summit or never arrive to the summit.

The most travel agencies in arequipa pool their customers with other travel agencies and like this they form a group and each couple have diferent physical shape , different skills in mountain, also they receive some time diferent information abouth the same mountain.

For these reasons we prefer organise just Private service because like that you will have more advantage to arrive to the summit.

We never pool our customers with other travel companies.

The Rainy Season

The rainy season in the region of Arequipa and in the Andes from between January until March, nevertheless in the rainy season there are many sunny days and it is possible to climb.

When climbing is advisable?

It is the dry season in the Andes and in Arequipa, between the first days of March until December; however in the rainy season there are some days that it is possible to climb.

The Meal which are included:
If you are vegetarian or you have an allergy please notify us in advance in order to make the respective arrangements.

IMPORTANT: When you reserve this tour, the passenger must have travel insurance. It is an obligation to the passenger to notify us of any health problems, mental or physical at this time.

The porter will carry the following camping equipment of the customers: Tents, cooking equipment ,sleeping bags and mattresses. If you do not wish to carry your personal things like ( your personal water for the trek : 5 litres per person + personal cloths) you can hire a porter , the price is $70.00 (USD) per day.

One porter can carry maximun 15 kilos.

IMPORTANT : Before the tour:
One day before the ascent we will have a meeting in order for you to meet your mountain guide and to go through the pre – trip information; this meeting can be in your hotel or in our tour agency.

Travel report feedback Climbing Misti

Luc de Vriese, (Pablo tour`s customer)

Climbing El Misti needs proper acclimatisation to altitude as it is roughly the same altitude as Kilimandjaro.
I spent one week in the French Alps (Tignes) 2100m and climbed a summit of 3650m. This was just enough, as I had headache during the night at 4800m in the intermediate camp.
The climb via the northern route is interesting as the jeep brings you over a rough route in 3,5 hours through a nice landscape till a 4100m high dam (gives water and electricty for the city of Arequipa) and permits you to climb nicely 3 hours to the intermediate camp at 4800m (the altitude of Mont Blanc in the European Alps!)
We started early at 2 o’clock after a short breakfast following a nice track going around the base of the mountain.
When the sun showed up we were 2 hours away from the top.
The route is straitforward as it is following a clear track, so no need to be fully equipped with crampons and ice-axe : there was no snow or ice since in local wintertime the climate is extremely dry. I smelled the crater just before arriving at the top at 8h30.
The view from the top is unique : the crater with fumeroles is just at your feet and at the eastern horizon you will see the huge saltlake !
3400m lower in the west is the big city of Arequipa.
Coming down is much quicker: 3 hours is enough to get to the parking close to the dam.
You can use this short story for your website, and if you want to make it shorter, please do.
best regards


  • OFFICIAL Mountain guide English speaking guide
  • Porter
  • Private tranport (4x4)
  • Camping Equipment Four seasons tent and mattresses,sleeping bags,hiking sticks
  • Cooking gear
  • Climbing Equipment such as crampons, ice axe and rope, only if is snow on the top
  • On the day of the briefing, the guide checks all your personal equipment and if he sees that you are missing something, we can lend it to you.
    But it would be good if you told us during the reservation process what personal equipment you need so we can lend you.
  • Meals on the Mountain (2 box lunchs - 1 hot dinner - 1 hot breakfast)
  • Oxygen bottle (in the 4x4)
  • First aid kit
  • Mobile phone
  • Briefing with our guide previous day of the tour at 5pm
  • Tents and food for our camp staff
Not included

In private service:


Every day on private request

what to bring?

  • Backpack
  • 4Lt of water per person, minimum
  • personal first aid kit
  • Rain jacket or poncho (December - April)
  • Strong comfortable and waterproof boots
  • One complete change of clothing
  • Sweater and thermal pants and every thing you can have to be warm
  • Flashlight
  • Hat or cap
  • Sun block
  • Toilet paper
  • Snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  • Sunglasses
    Extra money (soles)

If you can´t bring some of this items , not problem, we can borrow you in Arequipa city, please make a list then send us via mail, before reserve the tour

moUNTAIN HEIGHT LENGTH difficulty Range

Misti volcano

5825 m

 2 - days

II Easy +


6075 m

1 - 2 days

III Medium


6318 m

2-3-5 days

III Medium +


6323 m

3 - 4 days

III Medium

Hualca hualca

6023 m

2 - days

III Medium +

Volcan sabancaya

5 976 m

2 - days

III Medium +


6425 m

3 - 4 days

III Moderate +

Volcan ubinas

5672 m

1 - 2 days

II Easy

Pichu pichu

5 664 m

1 - 2 days

III Easy +

Mismi (Source of the Amazon river)

5597 m

1 - 2 days

I Easy

Quehuisha (Source of the Amazon river)

5375 m

2 - days

II Easy





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