Colca Canyon trekking

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  colca canyon rafting expedition in arequipa peru

2 days / 1 nights


Colca river rafting

Duration of the raftin tour: 1 day

Difficulty in the river        : Rapids Grade III and IV

colca river (rafting in colca valley)

The recommended time of year to go rafting on the Colca River is between the moths of March and December.

In order to begin the rafting on the Colca River, it is necessary to travel duration of more than 7 hours to the Colca Valley, near to the village of Sibayo in the placed named Ipo.

This rafting can be done in one day.

We will begin the rafting in Ipo and we raft more than 7 km along the Colca River. It is duration of an hour and a half until we arrive the village of Tuti.

  • The temperature of the Colca River is between 5 – 6 degrees centigrade.
  • The difficulty grade of the rapids is between 2 -3.

In order to do the Colca rafting trip you need all day to complete it.

  • Professional Rafting guide
  • Safety kayak
  • snacks: water and chocolates
  • Private transport to and from river
  • Transfer to from hotel
  • Self bailing rafts: helmets, life jackets, safety lines, paddles, etc
Only by private request
white water rafting in colca canyon (depest canyon in the world) colca canyon river rafting expedition 6 days
day 1

We will head towards the village of Huambo in the Colca valley. On the journey we will reach the height of 4200 meters when we arrive in the village of Huambo. It is a 7 hour trip from the City of Arequipa. We will camp in the Huambo Valley.

day 2

After the breakfast, we take the mules’ loaded with our equipment and then we will descend towards the Huambo Canyon (Huambo River) which is a tributary of the Colca Canyon. This day we use the ancient pathways used by the ancient Peruvians. On this day we will walk up to 10 hours until we arrive to the small village of Canco.

day 3-5

After breakfast we will walk until the waterfall Juan Pablo II. In order to visit this waterfall we have to cross the river and by an aerial iron-cable, after this we will return to our camp. Then we will prepare our things to begin the WHITEWATER RAFTING IN COLCA CANYON (DEEPEST CANYON IN THE WORLD). With the rapid grades III and IV, V) after 3 hours of rafting we join the Mamacocha River. From here the volume of the Colca River increases almost double. It is here where we will camp with an incredible sight of the two canyons.

The next 3 days we will enjoy the rafting on the Colca River, incredibly we will pass the deepest part of one of the deepest canyons in the world, the Colca Canyon and it is a little more than twice as deep at the Gran Canyon. According to the Polish expedition in 1981, the Colca Canyon is the deepest in the world. Along with the spectacular geologic formations we will enjoy more than 100 miles of continuous rapids of grade IV whitewater. The river covers than 221 miles (355 km) From the Andes until the pacific ocean. This river covers more than 12000 ft (3657 km). On this expedition we will also find rapids of grade V.

On this trip we travel through insides of the planet, there are two signs (Cerro Luceria and Cerro Yajirhua) that indicate the deepest part of the Colca Canyon, the Cerro Luceria is 4267 meters above sea level and the Colca River is 1038 meters which exactly gives a depth of 3229 m.

It is important to say that Cerro Yajirhua has a height of 5226 meters however according to the measurements of the canyons on a global scale it is considered to be less height up the lower part of the Colca River.

Every night we will camp on the banks of the river.

day 6

This day we will arrive at the Majes Valley (Majes River and Majes Canyon) our transport will be waiting for us to take us to a typical restaurant in the valley where we can celebrate the success of our expedition with some good cold beers. Here we will be able to taste the wine and local Pisco, accompanied by some typical shrimp dishes, After the lunch we visit the traces of dinosaurs of Querullpa and the petroglyphs of Toromuerto.

Then depending on the program we can continue towards the City of Arequipa, Nazca or Lima.

  • Private Transportation Arequipa/Huambo - Majes/Arequipa
  • All meals  
  • All professional rafting equipment (dries bags and class V river gear)
  • High quality rafting equipment:
  • Complete Cooking equipment.
  • One Safety Kayak.
  • Self bailing rafts: helmets, life jackets, safety lines, paddles, etc
  • All basic camping and cooking gear and dishes
  • Safety and professional river procedure
  • Best Peruvians river guides
  • First aid kit
  • Satellite Phone and rescue procedure
  • mulemans -trekking guides in Huambo-Colca area.
    Pre-trip information
not included
  • Water bottles
  • Extra drinks at the Villages
  • Sleeping Bag



Only by private request





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