Colca Canyon trekking

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  Peru Andes Trek  

Peru Andes trek crossing the Andes Range-Bomboya 

Bomboya is the name  of one mountain in the andes range , this mountain form the start of the geological formation of the Colca canyon. 

This trek starts on the right side or right bank of the Colca river. 

During this trek there are not tourists. 

On the trek we will trek to the mountain of Bomboya then we will enter to Colca canyon to the bottom of the canyon. 


First day.-We pick you up from your hotel    

By private transport 06:00 am  

By tourist bus you need to wait from 3:00 to 04:00 am inside your hotel. 

After 4 hours driving we arrive to Chivay village 3700mhsl ( Colca valley) Breakfast. 

Then we continue (driving ) to Madrigal village 3262 mhsl, here we start the trek. 

Box lunch, then we trek uphill from 3262 m.  to 3900 m. here we have a hot dinner and camp.  

This day we will trek 4-5 hours  


Second Day.- This day we will cross  the Andes range , remember we have started the trek in Colca Valley and this day  we will enter to the Colca canyon crossing the Andes range.  

On this trek there is a Main mountain the name is Bomboya 5400 mhsl     

But,  don´t worry we will not arrive to Bomboya Summit.  

This day we start the trek at 3900 mhsl. Then we will cross the Andes range 4800 mhsl.  

Then we continue down to 4200 mhsl , there we camp.  

This day. - trek 6-7  hours.  


Third day.- We trek from 4200 m. to 2100 the Oasis.     

On this day we will cross Tapay village, Malata village then we arrive to the Oasis.  

This day we trek  6 – 7 hours  


Fourth day:  Trek Oasis 2100mhsl - Cabanaconde , 3300 mhsl in 4  

Hours. Then we will visit by transport the condor cross  

Our customers ask us if this trek is hard, 

Our answer is yesssssssssss, 

But during the trek you will don`t carry anything, just your camera, we will use mules that carry 12 kilos per person (your personal belongings) during this trek we will use tents to sleep, dinner tents to take the dinner, chairs , tables , cooking stuff , etc  

You will trek  from 3252 mhsl to 4800 mhsl, uphill 

Then from 4800 to 2100 mhsl, downhill 

Then up hill  from 2100 mhsl to 3300 mhsl up hill, 

All that in 4 days, 

This trek is very physical but NOT technical . 

Is just a high trek NOT climbing  

And remember we will have mule to carry your belonging and the camping equipment 

And we will use another mule in case one of the customers need some help on the altitude , this Is not one mule per person , example if you are a couple you can use the mule on the hardest part only for emergency . 

On this tour you can see the wild live ( Flora and Fauna) , Wonderful natural viewpoints, rock formations , small forest of Queñua (Polylepis pauta) also you can see Puyas de Raymondi  (pourretia gigantean) or (puya raimondii harms), this plant live 100 year old. 

this plant blooms only every 80 years with more than 8000 flowers, this plant produces more than 6 million seeds, after all this work dies in auto combustion , this plant can only be found in Peru and Bolivia between 3000 and 4300 million mhsl, this plant is in the process of extinction. 


Price per person in American dollars: 750.00 by tourist bus on shared service.  


By private car service: 980.00 American dollars per person 


Private car service means only the people that you know on the transport and you can stops anywhere for toilettes and pictures. 

The last day of the program you will discover with many stops, the Colca valley with viewpoints, ceremonial stones, many stops on the national park for lamas , Alpacas and vicuñas , birds viewpoints. And you leave from Arequipa 5 am. 


Tourist bus on shared service mean: you need to wait from 3 to 4:00 am in your hotel and in the transport will be more that 20 people. The first day you stop just 2 times the last day you stop just 3 times. For toilet and pictures. 






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