Colca Canyon trekking

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Colca Canyon tour: Culture & nature 3 days 2 nights

Colca canyon tour 3 days

Colca canyon tour 3 days 2 nights avoiding the tourist crowd and discover the canocota canyon and colca canyon with a visit of cabanaconde `s country side with nature and culture without tourists


 This special tour leave on semiprivate Service, maximum 6 customers on the group.
To confirm a departure we need minimum 2 people.
If on the day of the tour we have only 2 customers, we don´t cancel the trip and you don´t pay extra for.  And Normally there are not more customers but sure we hope to have more customers ( maximum 6 )
 This tour is a great combination between: Flora, fauna and culture.
On the first day, we spend the night in a really home stay in Colca valley.  In a typical village with people that speak Quechua and Spanish.
We will enjoin the nature with a box lunch in the Colca river and with an  amazing trek in Canocota canyon.  And we will visited the National park aguada blanca and Salinas , not visited by the classic travel agencies.
On the second day we will discover the really Andes life, we will with guide and the family participate in a vivencial tour with local activities.
The third day we will discover the Colca canyon , with amazing viewpoints like the condor cross and the best viewpoint of Colca canyon : The Achachihua view point not visited by the classic travel agencies. The the national park of aguada Blanca and salinas
The first day, we take the long way to Colca valley, is interesting because we cross an altitude of 4200 mhsl and if you take the normal route we cross an altitude of 4912mhsl. Like that in our tour we take the route with less altitude.
All is included in the tour, also depend on your physical shape you can do from one to 2 hours trek each day. One day before the tour the guide meet you at your hotel and he or she will explain all the options treks with a map. These treks are not so difficult.
Example if there are 3 couple in the tour, and one couple don´t like to trek: 
The couple that don´t like to trek can continue with the driver and meet at the ends of the treks the other couple.
During the wait ,this couple can take pictures and appreciate the nature with the help of the driver. But the 99.5% of our customer’s make these treks .
Remember in the classical tour to the Colca offered by other travel companies, you will be the 99% of the time inside the bus with 25 or 30 tourists with only one guide,  on these classic tours are not included meals and entrances. With Pablo tour all is included, with Pablo tour you walk and also you visit  the viewpoints and villages not visited by the classic travel companies (on the way we avoid the tourists) .
We have the best licensed English speaking guides. And remember we included all in our program.

Day 1 : 

Approximately at 5 a.m. we pick up the passenger at their hotel, and then we leave to the Colca Valley. We leave before the classic tours and travel agencies. 
Approximately after a two hours' trip, we will find the main route that goes to the Colca Valley. In this sector, that is named "Pampas Cañahuas" we will be able to watch the "vicuñas" which are non-domesticated camelids that live freely onto the "Aguada Blanca y Salinas" National Reservation.  
In this part of our trip, it is possible to use the rest rooms placed in "Chasqui Pampa".  
After this, we will go to the "Bofedales of Tocjra Pampa" where we will be able to watch different kinds of birds like black ibis, andean duck, "guayatas", "the pajaro bobo", Andean gulls, etc.   Near this place we will be able to find herds of "llamas" and "alpacas".  

Then with the transport we take the route called long way to Canocota then Chivay –Coporaque.  Take this long way to colca valley is interesting because we cross an altitude of 4200 mhsl and if you take the normal route we cross an altitude of 4912mhsl. Like that in our tour we take the route with less altitude.
On the way we will visit the painting cave of Mollepunku Here you can find paints of lamas , Alpacas, Huanacos and the first domestications of vicuñas and Huanacos.
This painting cave is not visited by the classic tours or classic tour operators in Arequipa-Colca, Here you will not find any tourist, this painting cave is well Preserved and try to represent the domestication of south American Camelids: vicuñas, Lamas, Alpacas,huanacos  and the andean peruvian people.

imagine see  this painting cave ¡  Imagine what people said at this time , their frustration, joy, needs……
This Art propably date about 10 000 years old.
Before arrive to Callalli village we will stop for take a picture of a rock formation , the famous : Colca window ( Ventana del Colca)
Then we will apreciate and take pictures of the Huge walls as known as  Castillos encantados of Callalli
The altitude of callalli village and of the Castillos encantados is 4000mhsl 
Then we continue to the right bank of the Colca River, before cross the river, we will take our box lunch in the middle of the nature. Near to the river.
Then we will visit the stone village of Sibayo 3820 mhsl
Sibayo village is interesting because is one of the few village in Colca Canyon where we can find typical houses, typical peruvians andes streets.
Then we drive to canocota village, from here we start our 3 hours trek to Chivay village from 4000mhsl to 3600mhsl. 
We will trek into the small canyon of Canocota; on this trek you can take very good pictures of the Andes and local flora and volcanoes. On this trek you don´t find any tourist. 
This trek is the preferred trek of our customers
At the end of the trek we will enjoy the hot spring of 38-40 grados centigrados.
Then we drive to Coporaque village 3575mhsl (right side of Colca valley), here we will take the dinner with a local family and we will spend the night in a family home stay.

Day 2: 

Today you will decide at what time take the Breakfast
Then you will make 3-4 hours of vivencial tour in Colca valley with the local family.(trek and visit) Then we will lunch with the Local family. 
After lunch we will visit the archeological INCA remain of Uyo Uyo.
The  by transport we visit the left side on the colca valley :  yanque, maca village , the condor cross. Here we can wait the condors if you have luck you can see condors when they back at their nest. 
(The next day we will visit the condor cross for second time)
On the way you will stop anywhere, to visit all the viewpoints, pre-inca terracies, for hanging pre Inca tombs, sacred pre inca stones and others.

Spend the night in Cabanaconde 

We do the visit of the classic Colca Valley in the afternoon ´cause in the morning there are hundreds of tourists. We sleep in the village of Cabanaconde and not in Chivay, because in Cabanaconde there are also good hotels and home stay and the village is more typical (fewer tourists) We visit two times  the Condor cross. The first time is in the afternoon of the second day of our trip, where, frequently, some condors could be seen. The second time is in the morning of the third day, but we can get up at 7 am. And not at 4:30 a.m because the distance of Cabanaconde to "Cross of the Condor" is reached in just 15 minutes. 
If you sleep in Chivay, Yanque,Sibayo village or Callalli village you would have to wake up very early in the morning (04:00 am) In order to reach the condor Cross  in  2-3  hours driving  including visits. 
Before arrive to Cabanaconde we will make one hour trek, from condor cross 3700m to Cabanaconde 3300m
We arrive to Cabanaconde 5 pm.
Stay in Cabanaconde. 

Day 3:
 At 5:30 am, we walk 30 min. And we arrive to the best view point of Colca canyon (Achachihua view point) Here there are not tourists, from here you can see: the Oasis inside the canyon and also the Huaruro Waterfall (the right bank of the Colca Canyon) , the treasure of the pre-Inca trails. 
Then we come back to the hotel to take the breakfast, then we drive 15 to condor cross.
We arrive to condor cross 7:30 am,  here we stayed about one hour trying to see the flight of the condor. 
Then, trek from condor cross, on the trek we reach the canyon (flat ) On this trek we can find natural view points for colca canyon.
With transport  we continue to Chivay and before arrive to Chivay
The we take the lunch in Chivay village. 
After lunch we continue to Arequipa and on the way we visit the national park.
We will visit the view point of the Andes at 4850 mhsl here; we will have an outstanding view of the different volcanoes (also called "the volcanic belt of Southern Peru) and a partial view of the Center Andes Mountain Chain. The name is Patapampa or Mirador de los Andes.

Then we back to Arequipa city ; we arrive at 5 pm .

Important the mentioned treks are optional, you will decided to do it or not.
These tours leave From Arequipa To Arequipa. 
If you like to go on the third day of the tour to Puno and don´t back to Arequipa city you have two options. 

Tourist bus Colca-Puno / Private transport: Colca-Puno
-From Colca Canyon (Chivay) after lunch in the third day take the tourist bus in shared service at 13:30 to the bus station of Puno at 19:30. ( 30 people in the bus). Only 2 stops on the way.
-Or on the third day after Lunch in Chivay village continue to Puno with same private car (Maximum 6 people) to your hotel in Puno village on the way we will make 6-7 stops to take pictures of the nature and lamas , alpacas vicuñas and toillets . Before to book we need to know if your hotel is on the city)  we arrive at 19:00h.


  • Official English speaking guide
  • Private tourist transport (heating and ventilation)
  • Experienced driver
  • 1 night in a home stay
  • 1 Night hotel in Cabanaconde village (3287m)
  • 2-3 hours treks every day: optional
  • Visit of the right and left side of Colca valley
  • Meals:
    • Day 1 * lunch/*dinner with the local family
    • Day 2 *breakfast /* lunch /*dinner
    • Day 3 * breakfast /* andean buffet lunch
  • Oxygen and first aid kit for all participants and our staff
  • Food and accommodation for our driver and guide
  • Pre trip information one day before in your hotel or in our Office
  • Assistance 24 hours of our travel agency Pablo Tour
  • Entrance fee to the National Park - Colca Canyon
  • Ticket for hot spring

 Why to choose this tour ?

Because we

-Visit Mollepunku paiting cave
-Make 2 -3 hours trek every day
-Visit of the Colca valley the right and left side
-Visit the condor cross 2 times
-visit  the best viewpoint for Colca canyon: Achachihua viewpoint
-Visit the Colca valley without tourist the day 2
-Take the box lunch on the second day in the middle of the nature on the peruvian andes.
- Make Vivential tourism 3 hours with a local family in Colca valley the day 2.
-visit of the Colca valley and Colca canyon
-Trek in Canocota canyon
-Stay one night with a local familly home


  • Drinks
  • Tips for the guide and driver


Difficulty Colca Canyon tour 3 days 2 nights culture & nature

Colca Canyon Tour 3 Day Map





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