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Climbing ampato mountain - volcano

3 days / 2 nights


Volcano Ampato and the sacred mountain

AMPATO Mountain is located in the region of Arequipa, it has an altitude of 6318 meters, and it was on this interesting mountain that the mommy of Juanita was found.

The snow-capped Ampato Mountain was considered to be in the epoch of the Inca known as an Apu (sacred mountain); to speak about the snow-capped Ampato Mountain is to speak also about religious aspect of the Incas.

The mommy of Juanita was found by the American archeologist Johan Reinhard and his companion and guide Miguel Zarate Sandoval.

When Johan and Miguel decided to climb the snow-capped mountain Ampato it was not exclusively for archaeological work, they climbed Ampato because they wanted to see the eruption of the nearby volcano (Sabancaya volcano). The amount that they climbed according to Miguel meant that they saw things that earlier had not been seen, such as the remains of Incan stairs, pieces of Incan cloth, pieces of sacred wood. They recognized a bundle they thought was nothing… it was Juanita, the ice maiden who had been separated from the eternal snow of the snow-capped Ampato Mountain due to the heat provoked by the eruption of the nearby volcano.

Juanita the maiden of the Ampato was brought to the City of Arequipa by Miguel and later it was studied by scientists from throughout the world. The maiden of the Ampato went on tour in 1996 to the United States and also to Japan in 1999.

According to DNA studies on Juanita, Juanita had descended from forefathers of center America and she was sacrificed in a long period of drought in the time of the Incas between 1435-1450 AC


Duration of the tour: 6 days and 5 nights

Difficulty                : Medium

Altitude in feet        : 20728.346 ft    (6318 meters)

In order to climb the snow-capped mountain we have two routes:

  • CLIMBING AMPATO MOUTAIN - CABANACONDE ROUTE: 6 days - a very good option to adapt better to the altitude and to enjoy the nature. Local bus from Arequipa city to Cabanaconde village/To Arequipa city
  • CLIMB AMPATO MOUNTAIN: in 3 days, it is a good option if you have already adapted to the altitude. We take the Sallalli route in 4x4 transport whole trip.
day 1

We will leave the City of Arequipa in the direction of Cabanaconde village; the journey will take 6 hours by local bus.

We will spend the night in Cabanaconde at 3287 meters.

We will sleep in a hostel.

day 2

After breakfast we will begin our trek and we will head towards the Mocurca Lagoon.

We will walk for duration of more than 7 hours until we arrive at the first campsite at 4200 meters of altitude.

day 3

After breakfast we walk 6 hours to 4600.

day 4

After breakfast we will ascend until the campsite located at 5200 meters of altitude.

This day we will walk for duration of 7 hours.

day 5

This day we will have breakfast at 3 in the morning we will then head towards the summit of the snow-capped Ampato Mountain, 6318 meters of altitude.

The climb to reach the summit of the snow-capped Ampato Mountain is 6 hours.

Later we will descend from 6318 meters (the summit) to 4300 meters (Watac) in 5 hours.

day 6

We will return to the village of Cabanaconde duration of 6 hours and we will take the local bus to the City of Arequipa, journey of 6 hours.


On this circuit of 6 days, we have considered to take by local bus service, because like this the tour is not more expensive.

Some of our last clients have complained about the local bus service. If you get car sickness during the trip (because of the curves).  Or maybe simply you not accustomed to doing this type of service, please take a private car service that is much better, cleaner, personalized, car is air conditioned, reclining seats, etc.

So for this reason at the end of this description is also the price of the tour by private car.

For each four (4) customers we add an assistant guide.


Private Service: Designed for those who only want to stay with the people you know for example you and your partner, only two people will be on the climbing tour. Of course this is a more expensive service.

This service is more personalized, the guide will adapt himself to your rhythm, the guide will teach you (if you would like) the small tricks of the mountain, for example, different skills of world basic ascents.

On this service, you will not climb the mountain with another client that has more or less experience than you. The guide will try to take you as far as possible up to the summit.

Shared Service: This the classic service offered by the most travel agencies in Arequipa sorry but Pablo tour don´t Organise this cane of service.

This is designed for people of different nationalities on the tour, (for every 5 participants there is a guide) and is an economic service. The negative aspect of this service is that, the participants have different levels of physical Shape and experience in mountain; some customers has good physical shape, some are very good and others don´t have any experience in mountain . There are some cases where there are the people with a lot of experience who take part on a shared service trip, and at the same time in the same group there are other people who have no experience, nor a good physical shape, in our experience the people with less experience hardly ever reach the summit or never arrive to the summit.

The most travel agencies in arequipa pool their customers with other travel agencies and like this they form a group and each couple have diferent physical shape , different skills in mountain, also they receive some time diferent information abouth the same mountain.

For these reasons we prefer organise just Private service because like this you will have more advantage to arrive to the summit.

We never pool our customers with other travel companies.

Our treks and climbing in mountains leave just on private service.

Example : if you are just 2 of you , you will be in the mountain : 2 customers + private guide + private transport and private driver.

If you are 3 or 4 customers is the same. and remember if you are more than 4 people we add one assistant guide.


Duration of the tour: 3 days and 2 nights.

Difficulty                 : Moderate

day 1

We will leave from Arequipa in the direction of the Colca Valley, we will arrive at Patapampa (the lookout point for the Andes) situated at 4850 meters of altitude.

We will continue to the altitudes of Sallalli 4900 meters, and then until the foot of the snow-capped Ampato Mountain; here we will camp.

day 2

After breakfast we will continue until the second campsite 5200 meters of altitude a duration of 4 hours.

day 3

This day we will ascend until we reach the summit of the snow-capped Ampato Mountain 6318 meters of altitude. Then we will descend until 4900 meters in 2 hours until we will meet with our car and continue to the city of Arequipa.

  • Mountain guide
  • Mule and horseman available only by 6 days route
  • Private transport  4x4
  • Camping Equipment (Tents and mattress)
  • Climbing gear (Crampons, ice axe and rope)
  • Meals on the Mountain
  • Oxygen bottle (in the 4x4)
  • First aid kit
  • Communication system
not included
  • Sleeping bag -10ºC
    3 days and 2 nights:

    Prices per person in american dollars

    Departure : On request,private car, private guide.

    Prices by person in american dollars

    Departure :On request,by local bus, private guide, private horseman,private donkey and mule or horse for emergency.


    Prices by person in american dollars

    Departure :On request,by private car, private guide, private horseman,private donkey and mule or horse for emergency.
what to bring ?
  • Backpack
  • 7Lt of water per person, minimum
  • personal first aid kit
  • Walking sticks or poles
  • Sleeping bag -10ºC (can be hired from our office for US$5 per day)
  • Rain jacket or poncho (December - April)
  • Strong comfortable and waterproof boots
  • One complete change of clothing
  • Sweater and thermal pants and every thing you can have to be warm
  • Flashlight
  • Hat or cap
  • Sun block
  • Toilet paper
  • Snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, etc
  • Sunglasses
  • Enthusiasm
aditional information
  • The Rainy Season
    The rainy season in the region of Arequipa and in the Andes from between January until March, nevertheless in the rainy season there are many sunny days and it is possible to climb.
  • When climbing is advisable?
    It is the dry season in the Andes and in Arequipa, between the first days of March until December; however in the rainy season there are some days that it is possible to climb.
  •  The Meal which are included:
    If you are vegetarian or you have an allergy please notify us in advance in order to make the respective arrangements.
  • IMPORTANT: When you reserve this tour, the passenger must have travel insurance. It is an obligation to the passenger to notify us of any health problems, mental or physical at this time.
    If you do not wish to carry your personal things you can hire a porter of which the price is $90.00 (USD) per day.
  • Before the tour:
    One day before the ascent we will have a meeting in order for you to meet your mountain guide and to go through the pre – trip information; this meeting can be in your hotel or in our tour agency.
mountain-mount-volcano HEIGHT LENGTH difficulty Range

Misti volcano

5825 m

 2  days

II Easy


6075 m

1 - 2 days

III Medium


6318 m

3 - 5 days

IV Medium


6323 m

4 - 5 days

IV Difficult

Hualca hualca

6023 m

4 - 5 days

IV Difficult

Volcan sabancaya

5976 m

3 - 4 days

II Easy


6425 m

4 days

III Moderate

Volcan ubinas

5672 m

2 days

I Easy

Pichu pichu

5664 m

2 days

III Easy

Mismi (source of the amazon)

5597 m

3 - 4 days

III Easy

Quehuisha (source of the amazon)

5375 m

3 - 4 days

III Easy






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