Colca Canyon trekking

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  horseback riding in colca canyon – cabanaconde - mocurca lake duration:3 days  

this horseback riding tour is designed for people who want to have the maximum fun on horseback in the peruvian andes.

this horseback riding tour begins in the village of cabanaconde which is situated at 3287 meters above sea level. (7 hours by bus from arequipa city)

on this tour we will explore a lagoon that is at the foot of the sacred ampato mountain, it was on this mountain where the mommy of juanita was discovered which now lays in the museum of santuarios andinos; one block from the plaza de armas (the main square ) in the city of arequipa.

the mocurca lagoon belongs to the town of cabanaconde and has an altitude of 4310 meters above sea level.

from this lagoon you can appreciate the beautiful natural scenery of the andes.

day 1

6.00am leave from the city of arequipa and travel to the town of cabanaconde (colca canyon), we will arrive in this town approximately at mid-day, and have lunch in a local restaurant.

here the horses will be waiting ready for us to arrive to start our horseback riding tour.
here we will have:

  • a horse especially for the guide.
  • horses for the clients.
  • a donkey which will carry our things, for example. our food, equipment for camping and your personal items.

after lunch we will travel by horse to piracha 3700 meters above sea level (duration 3 hours) here we will camp with the view of the nature at our sides. from here we can observe the depth of colca canyon and also the colca canyon mountain range.  we will be camping on a natural balcony of a beautiful view of colca canyon.

day 2

you will wake up and enjoy a coca tea or coffee and breakfast at dawn. we will then continue for 6 hours, until the mocurca lagoon 4200 meters above sea level.

the moment we will approach the mocurca lagoon you will appreciate the incredible view. in the afternoon there is the possibility of doing a ritual and paying respect to the earth with our guide.

here we will enjoy the view, the evening, dinner and camping

day 3

after breakfast we will trek the mocurca lagoon to obtain the best photos of the sacred ampato mountain and the nature.

on this day we will return to the town of cabanaconde.

we will have two types of services on this route: local bus service or private transport.

local bus: the first day we will take the bus that leaves at 6 am from the bus station in arequipa, we will collect you from your hotel to go to the bus station and take the bus the town of cabanaconde. the local bus does not have a toilet; it also will not stop if you need the toilet on route or in the touristic places (viewpoints) but this option is more economical.

the third day: you do not have another option than to ride from the mocurca lagoon to the town of cabanaconde and stay the third night in this town and continue the following day.

day 4

we will leave with the first bus at 7am at the condor cross. we will then wait for the third bus that passes to the condor cross at 9 am and then we will arrive in chivay to go to the calera thermal springs (by taxi from the bus station in chivay will take 5 minutes) later we will have lunch and continue to the city of arequipa.


private transport: the first day: we will depart at 6 am and we will visit the aguada blanca and salinas national reserve, where we can see south american camel such as vicuñas, llamas and alpacas.

later we can see the birds in the area of tocjra pampa such as gulls, andean ducks and andean geese such as guayatas and black ibis.

we will stop at a lookout point of the andes situated at 4800 meters of altitude; from here we can appreciate the andean mountain range as well as the different volcanoes of the region of arequipa.

we will visit the lookout points of the terraces and pre –incan graves of choquetico and antahuilque.

here we will arrive in the town of cabanaconde at 12.30 where we will have lunch and then we will continue with the program.

on the third day: after we have taken photos; from the mocurca lagoon we will ride a few hours until we arrive at the closest highway where we will take the van which will be waiting for us to return to the city of arequipa on the same day.

horse back riding in colca canyon included:
  • transfers
  • private four wheel drive (4x4) or public according your request
  • official english speaking guide
  • all meals from the first lunch (first day) to the last lunch (last day)
  • entrance fee for colca canyon
  • entrance fee mocurca lake
  • one night in a hotel in cabanaconde
  • one donkey for the meals and the equipments
  • horse for the client
  • horse for the guide
  • food and place to stay for the horses
  • camping gear (four season tents & mattresses ) (for 2 nights)
  • oxygen bottle and first aid kit for participants and our camp staff
not included
  • sleeping bag
what to bring:
  • sleeping bag (can be hired from our office for us$5 per day)
  • rain jacket or poncho (december - april)
  • strong comfortable and waterproof footwear
  • one complete change of clothing
  • sweater and jacket
  • flashlight
  • hat or cap
  • sun block
  • toiletries, toilet paper, towel.
  • snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  • sunglasses
  • extra money (soles)
  • enthusiasm




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