Colca Canyon trekking

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  Arequipa day trips -Pocsi / Pichupichu From A day to 5 days  

This is the only trip and trek in Arequipa Peru, where we can trek from 3 to 8 hours from 3000 to 4000 m. in one day . Also you can do it in 2 days or mixed this trek + the trek to the summit to the Pichupichu volcano in 3-4-5 days trek ,you can trek from 3000m. to 5664 ( pichu pichu volcano summit ).

This trip and trek is loved by the customers and trekkers that like to be acclimatized before ascent or hiking in mountains,volcanoes, snow capped and expeditions over 6000 mhsl

Arequipa day trips:

  • Mountain guide English speaking guide
  • Porter (if you take the trek more that 2 days) and carry tents , matresses, sleeping bag cooking stuff.
  • Private tranport
  • Camping Equipment (Four seasons tent and mattresses) 
  • Cooking gear 
  • Climbing Equipment such as crampons, ice axe and rope, only if is snow on the top 
  • Meals on the Mountain
  • Oxygen bottle
  • First aid kit 
  • mobile phone 
  • Tents and food for our camp staff
  • Sleeping bag

Arequipa day trips tour trek pocsi and pichu pichu not included:

  • Snaks and tips

Arequipa day trips tour trek pocsi and pichu pichu what to bring

  • Backpack 70Lt minimum 
  • 4Lt of water per person, minimum
  • Personal first aid kit 
  • Walking sticks or poles 
  • Rain jacket or poncho (December - April) 
  • Strong comfortable and waterproof boots
  • One complete change of clothing 
  • Sweater and thermal pants and every thing you can have to be warm 
  • Flashlight 
  • Hat or cap 
  • Sun block 
  • Toilet paper
  • Snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc 
  • Sunglasses 
    Extra money (soles)


Private Service: Designed for those who only want to stay with the people you know for example you and your partner, only two people will be on the climbing tour. Of course this is a more expensive service.

This service is more personalized, the guide will adapt himself to your rhythm, the guide will teach you (if you would like) the small tricks of the mountain, for example, different skills of world basic ascents.

On this service, you will not climb the mountain with another client that has more or less experience than you. The guide will try to take you as far as possible up to the summit.

The Rainy Season

The rainy season in the region of Arequipa and in the Andes from between January until March, nevertheless in the rainy season there are many sunny days and it is possible to climb.

When climbing is advisable?

It is the dry season in the Andes and in Arequipa, between the first days of March until December; however in the rainy season there are some days that it is possible to climb.

The Meal which are included:
If you are vegetarian or you have an allergy please notify us in advance in order to make the respective arrangements.

IMPORTANT: When you reserve this tour, the passenger must have travel insurance. It is an obligation to the passenger to notify us of any health problems, mental or physical at this time.

The porter we include in the program only carry the food ,cooking equipment, tent , Matress. If you do not wish to carry your personal things you can hire a porter of which the price is $70.00 (USD) per day.

IMPORTANT :Before the tour:
One day before the ascent we will have a meeting in order for you to meet your mountain guide and to go through the pre – trip information; this meeting can be in your hotel or in our tour agency.






Extreme Caution Payments Sale Rules

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