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  mountain biking tour misti volcano downhill Private tour

duration: 1/2 day +
dificulty: moderate


Duration of tour: More than half a day.

Difficulty          : Moderate

The misti volcano is known for being a mountain where one finds a lot of ash and sand.

The 4x4 car will take us to 3300 meters and from there we will start out descent by bike until the city of arequipa (2325 meters).

  • This is a Downhill approximately of 1000 meters.
  • Downhill by bike is 2 hours and a half.

The Misti volcano is characterized by having a lot of ash and sand. It is an active conical volcano.

The 4x4 car takes us up to 3,300 meters above sea level and from there we will descend by bicycle to the city of Arequipa at 2,325 meters.

This is a descent of approximately 1000 meters.
The duration of the descent by bicycle is 2 hours and a half. However, we are dividing the Misti volcano bike descent into two parts.

We pass by your hotel in the city of Arequipa 2300 meters above sea level, at 8 am with our 4x4, then we travel for 1 one to the direction of the Pichu Picchu volcano to reach the town of Chiguata 3200 meters above sea level. Here the guide will also explain about the route, the flora and fauna.

First part:
Here the guide will give everyone their safety equipment and show them how the bikes work. Also the guide will explain about security.
We start doing the tour in the middle of pre-Inca terraces, places where there are no tourists, this first part of the tour is done along a dusty trail. This part of the tour lasts one hour and 30 minutes and descends 800 m. , from 3300 meters to 2500 meters

Second part:
In the second stop of the route we climbed in the 4x4 from 2,500 meters to 3,300 meters above sea level. On this tour we climb the Misti volcano to 3300 meters above sea level, this is the height where you can get with the 4x4 truck.
Then we start the descent from the Misti volcano, this route is dusty and zigzag with adrenaline included until we reach the main road 2500 meters above sea level and if we have time we can go biking on the main paved road until we reach the suburbs of the city of Arequipa.
Then we put the bikes on the roof of the 4x4 and continue with the 4x4 to the city of Arequipa.
The duration of the complete tour (first and second part) is 5-6 hours.

mountain biking tour misti volcano downhill included:
  • Private transport (whole trip)
  • english speaking mountain bike  guide
  • mt bikes in maintenance
  • helmet and gloves
  • water & snacks
  • repair kits
  • bottle of oxygen
  • Peruvian government sales taxes ( IGV : 18%)
  • every day .on private request, private tour, private guide, private car
what to bring:
  • Rain jacket or poncho (december - april)
  • strong comfortable and waterproof footwear
  • sweater and jacket
  • flashlight
  • hat or cap
  • sun block
  • sunglasses
  • extra money (soles)
  • enthusiasm

The bike tour to the misti is very interesting but we always receive complaints from our clients about the large amount of ash and sand on the route. That is why we have elebarodao the following descent by bicycle.

Bicycle tour around the Misti by the Pichu Picchu volcano

This tour is more interesting since it allows us to take excellent photos of the Misti volcano and the Chachani volcano, on the way we can also observe pre-Inca terraces. Flora and fauna

7:30 am, we pick you up from the hotel in the city of Arequipa 2300 meters above sea level and with the van we go to the town of Chiguata 3200 meters above sea level. and then we continue up to 3900 masl

From this point we begin the descent by bicycle, the guide will give you a safety talk.
The first part of the descent is on a zigzag unpaved road passing small springs, we can also see groups of llamas grazing freely.
From one moment to another we will pass through terraces of green crops making a beautiful combination with the dry part that we have just left.
Then we arrive at the chiguata and if you still feel like continuing, we can continue by bicycle along a paved road until we reach the city of Arequipa.
We arrived in the city of Arequipa.

We can also visit the Salinas lagoon on the same tour. We would visit the Salinas lagoon first to see birds such as flamingos, the salt flat and then we will start the descent by bicycle, of course this has an additional cost.





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